In between the busy city of New York, there is an art museum which is inside an art, you don’t understand? The Solomon Guggenheim Museum – the Temple of Spirit or the Home of Contemporary Art is one of the finest ever built museums in the world, the architecture behind it is still a mystery how on earth legend Frank Lloyd Wright designed the spiral shape in the middle of New York.

Guggenheim Museum

Many criticized the work of Frank at the beginning but today hundreds of visitors from around the world are astonished by his work, it is even mysterious in the view of architecture, the well-known organic architect Frank Lloyd broke the rule of architecture and built the cylindrical-shaped dome building without a first floor. The Guggenheim Museum located on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, in between the uniform architecture is one such treat to the eyes.

Architecture Philosophy

In all works of Frank Lloyd, there is a sense of nature, the organic style exposes itself to the core but the Guggenheim Museum is apart from the organic architecture even famous architects from around the world are astonished by the work of Frank Lloyd and his design for the Guggenheim museum, it can be either called as futuristic architecture or we can even call it as an experimental architecture of frank wright and finally, architect’s concluded it as the international architecture style to resemble the work in the international standard.

Guggenheim Museum

With standard concrete and glass dome, it is a difficult task to even build but today it is considered as a pre-model architecture for young and future generation architects. Frank Wright might have been designed in a dome shape because he wanted to show something unique to the world of architecture and also to show them sometimes we can break the principles to create a new one.

Interior Work Guggenheim Museum

The structural design of the Guggenheim Museum is the shape increases in size as the height increases, with limited space for the art to be displayed it even created a new methodology for museums, the ramp in the architecture created a unique experience for the visitors to watch and experience the art inside the museum.

Guggenheim Museum

The glass at the end of the roof created an impact on its architecture, it is inspired by the ancient empire building architecture style.

About the Architect

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the best architects who ever lived and is also considered the master of organic architecture style, the Guggenheim Museum is the only architecture of Frank that is unique and crosses boundaries among his all other works.

The special thing about the Guggenheim Museum is that “it is an art museum inside a great art in the form of architecture”, the visitors are astonished at its architecture rather than the art which is inside that’s the magic done by legend Frank Lloyd.

Every art is a sense of nature and every artist is a cook who mixes the imagination and the materials to form a delicious architecture, it is one such delicious to the eyes and heart.


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