To the surprise of many all the successful human beings, scientists, and artists were unfortunately born in America, frank Lloyd wright too, before changing the world of architecture into a newly painted wall, Frank Wright graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Wisconsin and he was born there too ( Richland Center, Wisconsin – June 8, 1867).

Like every youth, Frank started working as a draftsman in a Chicago architectural firm at the age of 20 and started his own firm at the age of 25 after practicing and learning and also defining a new shade to the architectural field.

If you google the greatest architecture in the history of humankind, Frank Lloyd Wright the name will pop up on every website you’re looking at, that’s the contribution Frank Wright made for architecture.

Apart from all the achievements, histories, and appreciation of Frank Wright, what changed the evolution of architecture is its way of simplifying building which has the connection of nature within itself.

The Prairie Architecture

By chance if you go into the Midwest of Chicago and see houses that are deeply attached to the ground largely horizontal in shape and have larger space inside the house with row windows, don’t be surprised, that is called “prairie architecture”

Frank Wright believed that a house is a public place and it should have larger spaces with a touch of nature in it, so he created the so-called “prairie architecture”, horizontal in shape, strongly attached to the ground with fewer rooms separating the house and mostly wooden interiors and furniture, that’s the concept of prairie architecture and it is servicing its purpose after hundred years successfully, all the modern houses and architecture after the 19th century is influenced by the design of prairie architecture style.

We can see prairie architecture houses mostly In the Midwest region, Chicago, and around, Robie House is an iconic example of it.

Organic Architecture

After submitting the greatest prairie architecture style, frankly did another work of magic called organic architecture, like the human organism organic architecture connects all of its designs to one another and the entire house can be intermixed with one another, to contribute the work with nature largely rather than modernity, frank wright did use stones and woods as the two core material to structure the organic architecture.

The organic architecture looks more like a high fashion house with natural materials, frank used his creativity to structure the design by painting, covering, plastering, and alternating woods and stones to match the fashion, the organic architecture houses are intertwined within nature.

Even though being looks like a royal and luxurious house, the organic architecture indeed is a work of nature, one can feel the connection with the nature inside the organic architecture buildings, and that’s how Frank Wright became a legendary architecture and to till the day we are speaking about his magnificent work.

The falling water in Pennsylvania is a great identity of architecture, a  house in the middle of the forest with falling water underneath, sounds like magic. That’s what Frank Wright created and gave to the world of architecture.


DHRUBAJYOTI ROY, the visionary behind, who holds a passion for transforming ideas into tangible and awe-inspiring structures. His multifaceted persona encompasses a love for cars & by profession an Architect.

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