Different types of Architecture

Architecture is the form of design, plan, and construction, in general terms it is called the material of buildings and another physical form, like the saying Rome can’t be built in a day, it all started from there, even though architecture evolved from the first human of the world as their own shelter in documents the earliest form of architecture is found in Rome.

Like art, architecture is also in many forms and styles, like places, philosophy, and materials it also has many forms from ancient architecture style to futuristic architecture style it has a very long journey.

Architecture has many types according to country and time, let’s explore some of the core architecture types and their philosophy.

Organic Architecture                                                                                                         

Different types of architecture
Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Organic architecture is a mature architecture type that connects humans with nature, the core philosophy and purpose of organic architecture is to keep humans in a harmonious state and nature which is around them, the first-ever organic architecture was established by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright and most of his work are the earliest form of organic architecture.

He loved the sense of nature within the architecture so that people live in peace and always have a touch of nature with them today most of the world’s leading architects are adapted to the organic architecture style because of the purpose it serves.

Neoclassical Architecture

Neoclassical architecture is of very old architectural style and it is also more effective than many architectural types even today, it became famous for its highly fancy decorations, neoclassical is rooted in ancient Greece and Rome, and it became popular for its texture and simplicity along, with neutral color as its base architecture style and giant domes at the entrance made it to adapt and to display the royal of the building.

Decorated sculptures are considered a major part of the neoclassical architecture style, even today western countries and some parts of American countries adapted to neoclassical architecture.

Different types of architecture
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Vernacular Architecture

This is like the DIY architecture style, rarely architects are involved in the vernacular architecture style, using all the available material around the building to construct it called vernacular architecture, every part of the world has its own way of vernacular architectural style, it is like language.

Different types of architecture

Modern Architecture

In the early ’20s, architecture adapted to the time and began to use modern materials like steel and glass for the architecture and also to survive the modern civilization, usage of steel and glass along with concrete cement made it look modern, stylish, and formal, by today most of the official architectures are adapted to the modern architecture all over the world.

Different types of architecture

Futuristic Architecture

Futuristic architecture is one of the fancy and mind-blooming architectural styles, when you get astonished by architecture it is called futuristic architecture, everybody needs something new which is never existed before, and futuristic architecture is just like that, something that has never been before.

Different types of architecture

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