About Us

Team of architects who are a lover of nature and believe in harmonical designs. We customize in exterior, interior and landscape architecture.

Our Story

We are a bunch of twenty something year old architects who are trying to understand this field just like you are. We are trying to understand how this field works and how it can shape a society’s interests and mind sets one step at a time.

When we entered this field as students a few years back, we perceived it very differently. But as time passed, we understood that architecture is not something one can learn in a handful of years timeline. We also saw that there were very few platforms where one could learn about architecture and how the on going scenario of this field is. We wanted to create a platform where not only architecture done by great architects are show cased but also, great designs done by normal students or people are given a chance to get recognition. And the best part is, we aim to make our articles in such a way that a person who does not belong to this field doesn’t have any problem to understand about it. Anyone with a basic knowledge about architecture can grasp what has been written or talked about in our page.

Our platform is also student friendly and made in such a way that students of architecture can benefit from it. From notes, to information, to presentation materials, to random CAD drawings, you will get it all here.

People behind the BuiltArchi community

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible articles & designs.


Dhrubajyoti Roy

Architect & Founder

co founder

Duhita Mahanta

Architect & Co-Founder