Futuristic architecture: its fact and characteristics

Architecture is something that we always grow with like a part of our human life, like every other technology or things in this world get updated regularly like Whatsapp by adding something better and removing something which is not necessary to keep, futuristic architecture is a highly upgraded version of architecture to create an architecture not for the present but for the future.

The concept of futurism came to light at the early 19th century from Italy when a poet finds it as a concept for the future, architecture very soon adapted the concept into its one of style and today we are witnessing the effect of the adaptation and Antonio Sant’elia and peter cook are some of the most famous futuristic architecture in the world.

futuristic architecture

The modern and futuristic architecture is almost similar but futuristic is just like out of the boundary, from elements used in the architecture to design concept everything seems highly advanced like quantum theories, current world architectures highly engaged with the futuristic building and believe that the world will be full of futuristic architectures in the near future.

Futuristic architecture is the concept of letting the generation build their own cities, let them create what is best suitable for them that’s where the core philosophy of futuristic architecture lies in, to create sustainable buildings for the present and future rather than just adapting the past architectures and designs.

Highly creative in design and usage of unusual materials are some of the common features of futuristic architecture, the Guggenheim museum is built with titanium which is an odd material in the world of architecture.

Architecture philosophy:

To build something which has less or no connection to the past or ancestral architecture, we are not eating foods that are thousand years old but why do we live in the style which found thousands and thousands of years before? so they came up with the concept of futuristic to build for the current with a short span.

The usage of glass and steels were seen in the modern architecture itself but making the same element in a very creative and un usual way is what futurism gave us, futuristic architecture let the dream of the architecture to go any extend until it matches the creativity, today we see a lot of buildings in the shape of fish or chocolate and much more, buildings like these were not possible before the birth of the futuristic architecture.

When it comes to materials used in the building though steels and glasses are common, they used some other materials which are new to the entire architectural world like translucent concrete and bacteria building blocks, from bending concrete to aerogel they used every possible combination of materials to make it sustainable.

The design concept of futuristic architecture is one thing to amaze at with no proper principle because it let the architects have their own principles in designing and construction without any pre manual, simply it gave the entire freedom to the architects.

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is one of the most popular futuristic architecture and highest skyscraper in the world, who build something which is 829 meters high? that’s where the futurism lies for the craziest creativity and to make it possible one.

The concrete building is an example of making buildings which are adaptable and sustainable at the same time, Burj Khalifa probably saved more spaces in Dubai than any other building that is an additional benefit of futuristic architecture.

futuristic architecture

Shanghai tower, the theme building in Los Angeles, and the crystal in London are some of the famous futuristic architecture buildings in the world.

“Why not staying with the old methods and styles when we can create our own with our own creativity and freedom.”

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