Frank Lloyd home and studio

Architecture is itself an art that is changing the lives of people and shaping the evolution of human civilization from the beginning, millions of architects have lived and lived in this world but still, only a few are considered masters and legends in the field of architecture.

When we do something for ourselves we have more freedom and less responsibility to carry on, but still, we do the work more carefully than before, likewise, the home and studio of architect Frank Lloyd Wright is an experimental design of organic architecture and also that’s where it all started.

(Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, Oak Park, Illinois, Chicago built in 1889 and renovated in 1895 and restored in 1909.)

Frank Lloyd home

Frank Lloyd had complete architectural control of the house from the beginning, it is an example and inspiration for young architects, the initial design of the house was in shingle architecture design, which contains highly exclusive ornamental patterns in the building but then by years, frank Lloyd experimented something which created an evolution in the field of architecture.

Architecture Philosophy

More than just a house for living, it is like experimenting with something with his creativity and architecture, today Frank Lloyd’s House is like a syllabus for the young and future generation architect students and also for actual architects, Frank Lloyd’s House is a mixture of shingle architecture with colonial American architecture for more living spaces but then it is also where the prairie architecture is born.

Frank used his own architectural style rather than just following what his ancestors taught and followed, in all of his work he imprinted his architectural style and it can be found clearly in Frank Wright’s home and studio in Oak Park, Chicago.

Frank Wright is well known for his organic architecture style and also for connecting human, architecture with nature, he used wood to decorate his own house and studio with the same brownish color, the house is a work of classic fiction which is extraordinarily luxurious in look and excellent in its design.

The decorations inside the house are an inspiration for today’s interior design, Frank is a great artist too he had a sense of art and applied it to his self-work, the windows and the furniture also symbolized “how to use the right thing to the right place which adds value to the present environment”, from window to roofs the value of the household of its material and also rightly placed.

Purpose of the house

More than just staying under the roof when it rains and when it colds, the house is a place of memories and it connects us with ourselves, Frank understood it in the very beginning and designed each part of his house to serve its purpose, the design of a fireplace in the frank house is a great example, it serves as a reading, thinking purposes along with keeping the heat under control.

We can even say that every piece of the house and studio serves some purpose when it is built.

Interior Design

Interior design is like jewels to the house, at the early days of the 19th and at the end of the 18th century, architecture was considered to shaping the modern culture of civilization, Frank Wright applied classic interior designs like the human shapes and various classic sculptures inside the house with contrasting color to the wall, he even used iron chains for decoration which displays his creativity, the art in wall also created an impact for the interior designs and sculptures played an important role like  Winged Victory of Samothrace and Beethoven placed accordingly.

Frank Lloyd’s home and studio in Oak Park itself is a school for architects to learn and to be inspired like a book of treasures to get amazed and to learn something new every time we look at it.


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