Mumbai is a place of many things from the soothing roadside beach to the economic showdown of India it is a city of many such wonders, but when it comes to architecture in the southern side of Mumbai there’s a man named Sanjay Puri who does magic with his architecture style.

From working under Hafeez’s contractor in their early college days to beginning his career at the end of college Sanjay Puri was an architect even before he graduated, today he has an empire with 72 highly effective architects who changed the way of architecture in India, every project with its own unique design and creativity that’s the motto of Sanjay Puri architects “one of best architect firm in India”.

Sanjay Puri is an internationally recognized architect and is well known for his Avant-Garde architectural style which includes modernism as its core concept and futuristic architecture, in all of his work he makes sure to make architecture more sustainable and design which is never there before, each of his work resembles a new design.

With 13 consecutive awards for construction world’s architectural awards and more than 100+ internationally recognized awards Sanjay Puri is a boom in the Indian architect market, by graduated from Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture in Mumbai and working under renowned Hafeez contractor Sanjay Puri had a long way around architecture and today he is here, an internationally recognized Indian architect.

Sanjay Puri’s Architecture Philosophy

Avant-Garde is a term that refers to going through something new rather than staying and fitting in the old”, Avant-Garde is used in politics, the army, and art too, to the aging of architecture Avant-Garde is considered similar to futuristic architecture which is more sustainable as the time grows.

Being inspired by an architect at a young age, Sanjay Puri strived for something new and something creative and being worked under Hafeez’s Contractor and his contemporary architectural style Sanjay Puri finally fitted into the Avant-Garde architecture, something which looked and strived for new rather than influencing the old architectural style.

His unique architectural style made a trademark in the Indian architectural field and internationally too, he made sure that each of his architecture is different from one another.

Works to look at

We can ensure that all works of Sanjay Puri are wonders by themselves but still, we have to go for the best in his career so far,

18 Screen House

Architecture is not just about designs but solving the problems faced by the effect of former architectural style, even though 18 screen house is a simple architecture the science and the way Sanjay Puri handled its architecture is way more than what we call wonder, he used a screening technique which makes the house sustainable through the hot summer of Jaipur and also creates less noise from the outside environment.

Bombay Art Society

This is another magic done by architect Sanjay Puri in Mumbai with its contemporary architectural style and also to make the visitors wow from both outside and inside, this is one such fine work done by architect Sanjay Puri.

Triose Lonavla, Oceanique Goa, Chrome Hotel Kolkata, DCaves Hyderabad, The Courtyards House Rajasthan, and 72 Screens Jaipur are other beautiful works done by Sanjay Puri.

Architecture is all about ensuring that space fits and plays a purpose along with its look just greater than anything you have ever seen, Sanjay Puri is one such architect who makes sure to keep you amused by his work and design.


DHRUBAJYOTI ROY, the visionary behind, who holds a passion for transforming ideas into tangible and awe-inspiring structures. His multifaceted persona encompasses a love for cars & by profession an Architect.

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