Indian architecture styles: facts and characteristics

Indian architecture styles

Indian architecture styles:

While we are astonished by nature, architecture pictures from Instagram, and Pinterest we do really forget what we have near us too. If you look deeper into the history and art of India it’ll take you into an unimaginable world and tells you tales that you never heard.

India is one of worlds largest populated country and has different religions mixed like the cocktail, India is famous for many things but when it comes to the identity of India we always look back and see the architectures which left for us to be proud of, every architecture or temples around you tell history and India have many like this, did you know that India has more than ten architectures which date back to at least 1000 years, with various architecture style, design, structure and pattern, India is a mixture of various beautiful elements.

From Ellora cave in Maharashtra to shore temple in TamilNadu, Indian architecture stands straight and proud by holding its history strongly, many of the world’s architects still wondering about how can they built such an amazing architecture only with the human power. All the temples and architecture tell us how well and civilized our forefathers lived and how they respected the art and tradition with equality in nature and human beings. India had majorly three types of social architecture styles like cave architecture, rock architecture, and temple architecture.

Indian architecture styles

Cave architecture dates back to about the age of civilization and still some of them are alive like Ellora caves in Maharashtra, shore temple in TamilNadu, cave architecture is building a temple or any other in the cave, by adding various structures and designs it looks a bit of royal and more of the arts that lived thousands of year back.

Rock architecture is one of famous architecture used to build temples in all over India and it is spread by the Buddhist monks, more than ten temples like Brihadeeswara temple in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, Meenakshi temple, Madurai, Tamilnadu are still stood as a historical proof of the architecture style used, temples are built with a single material like rock is called rock architecture and it also called as a pure construction or temple as only one of material used to build the entire temple.

Various kings at various times followed the pattern and style of rock architecture and you can see this architecture in almost all the states of India. Temple architecture is the style used to build temples alone, like towers(entrance), tower(main shrine), temple architecture also used more arts to make the temple looks astonishing.

Indian architecture styles

India is a country of spirituality because it holds all the spiritual histories and architecture still alive today, a country with the vast amount of religions and languages but still shines in the field of architecture because of the magic and the culture along with love for art made it so, What we do least is to protect it like our home rather than damaging it and writing our names in the walls of famous architectures around the country, let us try to hold our history and spread the proudness with a smile in face and heart.

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