modern architecture

Modern Architecture

Our life has always been in developing and creating a new form of itself every single day, this is the same in architecture too, look at the various architecture around you and each of it holds a history,

Today modern architecture seems to be the dominant architectural style in the entire world, mostly in Western countries, but what is so special about modern architecture?

In early ancient days, we had some kind of architecture and followed the pattern of building houses with one material alone like bricks, rocks, stones, and wood, if you go to any temple or architecture that is at least 300 years old it is made of a single material like rocks, but modern architecture after the 18th century just made the magic of mixing patterns like steels, glasses, woods, and stones.

modern architecture

The glass in the tall buildings helps the sunlight to get directly into the interior space and also looks stunning with all the creative ways of fixing everything in the right structure and order.

European countries played a major role in bringing modern architecture into the world, The Crystal Palace in London is one of the oldest proofs of modern architecture built in the mid-18th century but unfortunately burned down in an incident in 1936.

Modern architecture does change the style of building and the ambiance it gives to people from outside and inside, by using steel, glasses, and flat broad rooftops along with reinforced concrete with plain colors like white, grey modernism in architecture gave a new look to the world of architecture.

modern architecture

Modernism or modern architecture destroyed the classical architectural styles like neoclassical architecture and beaux architecture in the 19th century,

Neoclassical Architecture

The grand scale of buildings and simplicity of geometric forms, it has a reference to Greek and Roman architecture. The Capitol building in Washington D.C. is one such neoclassical building.

Beaux Architecture

Is a subset of neoclassical architecture and Greek rival architecture, which is characterized by order, symmetry, formal design, grandiosity, and elaborate ornamentation. Grand Central in NewYork is one such architecture of beaux architecture building.

Some of the architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Ieoh Ming Pei, Erich Mendelsohn, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, played a major role in structuring modern architecture and presenting it to the world.

The Louver Pyramid, BT Tower, and Royal National Theatre are some living examples of magnificent modern architecture and how they made an impact on the world and the art society.

India also has the impact of modern architecture and buildings like Auroville(Pondicherry), Cyberculture Egg (Mumbai), and Lotus Temple (Delhi) are some of the modern architecture in India and also help us to stand in the list world architecture forums.

The interior in modernism made life in a lavish way and also created a positive atmosphere inside the house, placing the woods in the right place inside the house made it look more attractive and made us look more civilized than before.

When we look either backward or forward arts play a very important role in our lives and the architecture buildings we come across every day become a part of our life and the identity of our city and country, the way modernism made an impact is to use the materials creatively and the future will be more colorful by using and also innovating the modern architecture.


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