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Types of Arts

Art have a long history in the civilization, it has history about as early as when human started a fire using stones, the earliest art form are found as visual arts, creation of paintings in rocks and drawing images in the sands are the earliest form of art, even today the same visual art form is continuing in advanced and updated versions.

Anything which soothes the human mind and heart is art from music to drawing of a highly constructed building, the art then evolved into paintings with colors and then sculptures, rock paintings and finally it evolved as digital paintings.

types of arts
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Some civilizations are even identified by their art form, ancient Greece are well known for their art and culture even today, the Europeans are well known for their achievement of art and even today every people in earth admire on their artwork, if we look back at the history there’s nothing but a pile of arts here and there, the efficiency of any civilization ever lived is determined by the art they left in the earth.

If we look deep into the way we live our life it evolves around art with or without our knowledge and the technology today helps us to connect with the art more reliable than anywhere in history, it all started with that homo sapien who sketched in rock using sharp-edged stone.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/

Art is in many forms in simple it just makes human more creative by doing it again and again, if we are about to define art in simple it is the form of expressing oneself, from kids starting art work in school to paintings and sculptures protected in museum art have many forms and a long story to tell, today it attained digital level.

Art plays two different major purpose self and motivation where the self is the expression of oneself in many different forms, some people take the brush and just paint for all day long without any purpose or without any motivation, they just express their opinions.

types of arts
Source: https://www.pexels.com/

Another is a very important thing motivational art, as we can say art is of many purposes and form even art is used as a political weapon, art used for communication, entertainment, politics, and social issues, in ancient Dadaism, surrealism and Russian constructivism used art as a political weapon in the early 20th century.

Today the core use of art is entertainment, in cinema, in music and in standup comedy and in that tall building in your city, art is there probably everywhere in the world around you.

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