French architecture: its types and characteristics

France the country is famous for many things from romance and the romantic Eiffel tower, from Gourmet food to cheese and high fashion to the French revolution, the country is one remarkable place in the entire earth, the architecture of Eiffel tower is magic for more than hundred years and the romance of Paris is widespread across the boundaries and continents, the country gave us many things from the manifesto of communism to the wonder of the world but most importantly the nation show us how to live with the glory of all amazing architecture and just enjoy the life.

french architecture

Here we are going to discuss the art and the architecture culture of France during various time durations and the philosophy behind it along with the impact it created.

  • Medieval architecture
  • Rocco architecture
  • Neo classism architecture
  • Beaux arts architecture
  • Modern architecture
  • contemporary architecture

Medieval architecture:

In the time between pre-Romanesque and the renaissance, the medieval architecture is one of the most famous architectural style of the time, all the amazing architecture build in between the medieval ages are called as medieval architecture, from civil buildings to militaries most of the official buildings accepted medieval as one of standard architecture style and still we can witness some of the glimpsess of medieval in European regions like any other famous architecture of the world.

The style highly influenced Romanesque and gothic architecture as it came after the two ancient architecture styles, from the usage of gothic arches with lights and tall buildings to wide opening windows and flying buttresses, medieval architecture is a mixture of two roman architecture styles.

Strasbourg cathedral in Strasbourg, France is one of greatest living medieval architecture today and if you ever get a chance to look at it, surely it’ll blow your mind for the rich structure of the cathedral and will amuse with all the elements of medieval architecture.

Rocco architecture :

The 17th-century architecture is a clear definition of the French taste and how they love to live with decorations and the fashion of the time, Rocco is more than just architecture, it is a design concept used in arts and paintings too, the highly decorated style is from the baroque architecture or even called as late baroque architecture for the royal look and the usage of ornaments to decorate the building.

The purpose of Rocco architecture is to make people feel comfortable with its luxury and to feel all the light and the ornaments like a high priced jewelry shop, the usage of scrolling curves, Gliding, and white colors made an attraction on the viewers.

The walls, ceilings, and Moldings across the building are constructed and decorated with numerous curves and formatted in shapes likes and c and other natural shapes, the colors used mostly in the Rocco style are ivory white, gold and pastel, the placement of French furniture gave it the look of luxury and more mirrors are placed to reflect the decorations.

Hotel de soubise in Paris is an exceptional architecture built in the Rocco architecture style, with ivory white in color and grand structure it is one heaven to be explored in Paris along with the Eiffel tower, the royal hotel been a great monument to showcase the glory of Rocco architecture style.

Neo classic architecture:

The Greek rival architecture is a revolution against the classical architecture, the Greek architecture spread like wildfire for the grandeur structure of the architecture, though the architecture style looks rich and royal the simple geometry form used as the core architecture characteristics, the influence of roman details were highly displayed in the neo classical architecture.

Rather than using colored walls with decorations neo classism referred blank walls with white or other pale colors but mostly white, the architecture is highly accepted by the peoples of America and we can see more of neo classism in the capital city of the united states.

Most of the iconic government buildings of the world are made of neo classical architecture for its simplicity and formal structure, In the 19th century the architecture was at a peak and even today it acts as a reference for future architectures.

Lime stones and marbles were some of elements most commonly used in neo classical architecture, marbles were imported from various part of the world. Hotel des Monnaies in Paris is constructed using neo classical architecture style the 17th century building with faded white color is one of finest building in entire Paris, we can witness the grandeur scale of the neo classical architecture and all the credits goes to Jacques Denis Antoine.

Beaux arts architecture:

Beaux-arts architecture is another French countries exceptional architecture, more than just architecture, beaux-arts even used as a syllabus in the French art schools between the 18th and 19th century, it is considered as one of very important French style and it introduced modern architecture with the features of renaissance, gothic and neoclassical architecture mixed.

Like a cocktail party in the modern pub with more elements and characteristics of some hundreds years of architecture and to form a new one from it, the beaux arts become famous for the usage of iron and glass with ancient architecture philosophies, the world saw something new in the architecture and then adapted to it very soon.

The architecture spread quickly to America as they loved the trend more and French made it a trademark architecture of the nation, even today we can witness most of the amazing buildings in Paris made of beaux architecture and it played a very important role in taking the French architecture to the entire world across boundaries and continents.

As of 19th century, Paris been recognized as one of the stylish city in the world with high fashions and rich architectural history, grand Palais at Winston Churchill Avenue in Paris is a grand display of beaux architecture to the entire world, with high decorations and usage of the exact amount of glass to impress peoples from various countries it is one fine exhibition hall ever made in history with the most amazing architecture of its century, we can witness more scents of Greek architecture and the influence of Greek decorations all over the building

Modern architecture:

After the end of world war 2, the world has witnessed many things from advanced technology to the improved version of many things, architecture too witnessed advancement at the end of world war 2, the birth of modern architecture is still the greatest revolution ever made in the architectural history.

The usage of glass and iron is never in the concept of architecture till 19th century, modern architecture introduced the entire new feature of architecture and changed the entire world to follow its characteristics, today you can see almost every architecture at the 20th century and after is made and use glass and steel as one of the core components of the architecture, that’s what the modern architecture did to the world.

Most of official buildings constructed after the second world war is constructed using the modern architecture style, for its formal look and neat structure it impressed most of the people all over the world.

Centre Pompidou in Paris is an admirable modern architecture building, there are more than twenty and above modern architecture buildings in Paris and France but this is one remarkable for the raw structure like without makeup it showed the true color of modern architecture.

Contemporary architecture:

While the world witnessing magic through modern architecture, contemporary architecture showed them a step further of what really architects and architecture can do by making contemporary architecture, the freedom of architecture is called contemporary where an architect can do anything he wishes to do and give it life.

To till date, it is one of most amazing architecture ever made in the human evolution, the free form style and unimaginable creativity with the usage of curved lines been some of the definable characteristics of contemporary architecture, steels and glasses were highly used and most of the building had more than seventy percent of material as glass alone.

Contemporary architecture showed the possibility of art to the world, it made an impact on all over the world and in France, It made a step stronger, Louis Vuitton foundation in Acclimatation garden in Paris is an unbelievable contemporary architecture and it is built by frank Gehry himself, the design concept is a highly admirable one.

Likewise, France had witnessed many architecture styles during various times of history and still had some of them like old precious pearls, renaissance, art nouveau, art deco, and regional architectures dominated France for the time of their ages.


The rich fashion country had many architectural philosophies in the history of France and importantly Paris, the country is widely known for high fashion and romance but it also have amazing architectural history during times, to conclude it is a country of art which spread widely and attached to the root of the nation and like the melody in front the Eiffel tower, the country has many songs in form of architectures surrounded.

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