Eiffel tower Paris: the Architecture of love

Whenever we hear the word love few things comes to our mind in the next second like rose, your loved one, and Eiffel Tower, Eiffel tower is one of the most romantic architecture in this world and also an identity to the beautiful city of Paris, from movies to books and tourist attractions the Eiffel tower holds a lot of reference and popularity.

The giant 300-meter tower constructed in the time span of 2 years and 2 months, the purpose of Eiffel tower is to hold an identity for the international exposition of 1889 in Paris, France.

The giant miracle structure of Eiffel tower is made out of wrought iron from the bottom to the top which touches the sky, today it is one of the most iconic structures in the world and also the identity of France and Paris.

Eiffel tower Paris

It is not just architecture but it is a memory for millions of people and some even think Paris as their lifelong dream, well it is a dream indeed made out of iron, in present-day it is not just one of world’s most iconic architecture but also a place where people just go and enjoy their days, even the Eiffel tower contains restaurants within it to make people more comfort.

At the beginning lot of peoples and artists protested against the Eiffel tower but later everyone accepted it with joy and love.

Design philosophy:

When we look at the Eiffel tower at any angle it doesn’t make sense right/ that’s what the architect also thought while building it, it is just an entrance that is un-ordinarily beautiful and against the morality of common architecture.

“Art isn’t something that should be within principles and rules, but it is a sea of creativity with new water and boats every single day”.

The design and structure of Eiffel tower is something which is scary and new but it is the identity of romance and beauty today when the Eiffel tower is designed all the artist of the city protested against it but today it is the pride of the city in the nights and in the days which are filled with happiness.

Gustave Eiffel :

The art will never complete without the architecture, Gustave Eiffel the architecture and also the investor of Eiffel tower, the so-called “ magician of iron” designed and build the Eiffel tower along with his team, some other great works of Gustave Eiffel are the statue of liberty, the Panama Canal and numerous bridges, railway stations, and churches, Most of the works of Gustave Eiffel are of iron and he used his designs well with them.

Apart from all the architectural definitions and design philosophy Eiffel tower is an emotion of love and romance, most people proposed in front of the Eiffel tower rather than many other places in Paris, it also looks beautiful in the nights rather than in the day, if you get a chance to go France never miss the great identity of love, Eiffel tower.

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