Mayan architecture: its facts and philosophy

The Mayan civilization is one of oldest civilization the world has ever witnessed, the Mesoamerican civilization is one classic which holds histories which amaze and leave people without clue about their intelligence and knowledge on many things like astrology, art and architecture.

The Mesoamerican architecture is one thing to look at their unusual formation of architecture, probably they are one of the earliest people who invented the pyramid structure, and still we don’t have any clue on why they preferred the pyramid style rather than any other styles.

Even before 2500, they had wide knowledge on the geometry and how to use it on architecture to make then perfect architecture style, still some of their architectures are standing as a witness but in a collapsed state but still there to tell their story.

Sculptures are one of core element seen in the architectural buildings and temples, even before America become America itself, they created their own society and culture which is what we are reading as histories of the great American continent, in the Mexico region we can witness most of the proof of the civilization.

mayan architecture

When it comes to the architecture of the Mayan people like any other civilization ever lived in earth they had their own style which is also or may be connected with the Egyptians later, one thing which is common in all of the Mayan architecture regardless of their religion and construction they followed the pyramid pattern in all of their buildings which is what the Egyptians too followed.

Architecture philosophy:

Mayans were great believer of god that they build temples even more than houses, they had a specific pattern of cities, like the palace where the leader or the king lives always placed in center of the city or town in every Mayan cities, placing tombs are always placed in the north side.

As there was no technology back then they used materials which available in the surrounding of their living, stones were some of the most common materials used in the architecture, limestone and sandstone are other such core elements used while constructing, even before thousands of years they cut stones and used it to make the perfect shape possible.

Burnt lime is used as a cement to form the base concrete of the building, high curved sculptures are used for exterior purposes, and even today we can see some of the faded and destroyed sculptures in the remaining of whatever left.

mayan architecture

Stucco was used as the exterior material and they used bright color as paints, larger buildings were used as the administrative or official buildings of the civilization even back then they planned an entire city and followed their pattern in each one of them, flat stones were used as roof for the buildings by placing one after another.

Works to be looked at:

If we separate the types of buildings constructed by people we can list out like pyramid which is used as temples mostly, ball courts for legal things and all, palaces for the kings, pigeon houses were build and used for ceremonial purposes limestones were used to construct pigeon houses.

Mexico Tulum Maya city

We can witness most of the Mayan architecture buildings in the Mexican American regions like Uxmal and Itza, Sayil palace is one of most important architecture to be looked at the three-story building is one fine proof of their art and architecture efficiency, most of the amazing architectures of Mayan civilization can be seen in Itza of Mexican region.

The purpose of every architecture is to display their beliefs and to showcase the culture to the entire world, the Mayan architecture shows us the rich culture and the tradition of the people.

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