Mexico is famous for many things from narcotic drugs to the ancient ethnic groups spread across the nation, the ancient American country is known for its tradition which is living after centuries and centuries of modern lifestyle, and the foods are widely famous in Mexico because of the unique taste and tradition of food in each town, unlike other nation which has one unique food Mexico have different foods for each and every town in the country, though the country is not fond of arts it still has its own part in the artistic world from cotton garments to Mexican folk art.

When it comes to architecture Mexico has some oldest forms of architecture in the world like the Mayan architecture, it is still the oldest architecture in the world and still, and we can witness some of it on old American soil.

Puuc style

Puuc is one of most recognized architecture from Mexico, both Puuc and Mayan architecture same but the name Puuc represents the hill where most of the Mayan architectural buildings are located, it is still a mystery how the ancient American people used the right and extraordinary use of geometry and build towers with accurate ratios.

Box-shaped bricks and limestones are widely used in the pouch style and stone mosaics also played their part in Mayan architecture, the architecture can be classified according to the usage and we can identify the architectural usage just with the shape.

The people of Mexica in ancient times followed the pattern of buildings like pyramid shapes and other such fancy shapes to represent the building’s purpose, unfortunately, most of the Mayan architectural buildings were destroyed over time by the invasion of Spanish people and other such calamities.

Places like Uxmal, and Chichen Itza have most of the Mexican Mayan architecture to show us some of the remaining Puuc style architecture.

Mexican Baroque Architecture

Baroque is one of the most popular European architectural styles for its fancy structure and usage of ornamental materials, with the invasion of the Spanish, the Baroque style was implemented in Mexican soil too and dominated for nearly three centuries, Mexico adapted slowly to the Baroque style overtimes and today we can witness most of the cathedrals in the European architectural format.

The usage of curved forms with oval shapes including concave and convex forms are some of the core characteristic features of the Mexican baroque style, twisting elements with bright and illusionary colors made it look fancier than any other architecture at the time, the Mexican people astonished with the style and it leads to the conversion of religion.

Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most iconic Mexican baroque architectural buildings in the country with all aspects of the baroque style built from Mexican elements and materials, the interior of the cathedral is one thing to amuse about for its marvelous design concept and the right usage of gold ornaments.

The 18th-century building golden in color carries the glory of the baroque architecture on the Mexican soil and shows us the impact it created centuries ago

Neoclassic Architecture style

Neoclassicism is another mighty architectural style that emerged from Europe and added to the list of Mexican architecture, classic Roman architecture is famous for its neat and royal design with the usage of plain colors and yet looks majestic in formation, Neoclassicism is one architectural concept that spread to the entire world without any dominance or forced implementation.

People of various countries adapted to the classic architectural style for its simplicity and America played a bigger role in adapting to the neoclassical architecture, Washington is the effect of neoclassicism.

 Mexico too at the time adapted to the ancient Greek style, marbles were the major material while constructing a neoclassical building, and sculptures played a very important role in the architecture.

The government palace of Nuevo is one of the recognizable neoclassical architectural buildings in the Mexican country with all its simplistic form of design with the usage of plain colors and sculptured walls, it is one fine architecture to astonish at and plays an important role in the Mexican architecture.

Modern Architecture       

Modern architecture is widely known for its low cost when compared to most of the architectural style in the world, modern architecture style act as a solution for the world of architecture rather than just another style of building.

It introduced a vertical way of building rather than horizontal alone saved more money and also gave more space to people, cities are dealing with less space for living in both offices and houses and modern architecture gave a solution of building skyscrapers which is low in cost while comparing to the traditional architecture of occupying more ground space with less space of living in it.

Mexico is no less than any other country and it too adapted to modern architecture today we are witnessing some of the most amazing modern architecture in the world located in Mexico, Torre Latinoamericana is one of beautiful modern architecture with tall glassy structures and slim towers in it, the white mixed steel color is shining over the Mexico city with all the characteristics of modern architecture, Augusto H. Alvarez is the master behind the beautiful art and made the modern architecture to the Mexican architecture list.

Contemporary Architecture

The extraordinary usage of materials in the most freedom way is often called contemporary architecture, the architectural style is famous for the usage of materials in a very different and artistic way which results in something wonderful, the modern architectural style is widely speeded like wildfire.

The high usage of steel and glass made the style look more stylish than modern architecture itself and the freedom way of placing the materials questioned the capacity of other architectural styles in the world.

Contemporary architecture is never a standard one but instead, it is constantly changing in both design and the elements used in it, though steel and glass are commonly used the various categories involved in it are also some of the most advanced features of the architecture.

University Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico is one of the most amazing contemporary architectural buildings in the entire nation for the giant usage of glass and steel coordinated within represent the contemporary in the Mexican architectural world.

Mexican Style Architecture

Apart from all the international architectural styles, Mexico has its own vernacular style to represent its identity in the world of architecture, Mexican style, adobe-style homes, hacienda style, and Spanish-style Mexican villas are some of them.

Mexican-style home

The colors are very important while constructing Mexican-style houses which represent the combination of both inside and outside the architecture, the roof is another important thing that acts as both covering material and helps people to sustain heat in the deserted region.

Stucco or stone walls are mostly used in the Mexican style along with red tile roofs and arch-shaped ceilings are very common in the architectural style.

Adobe style home

Adobe is one of the most famous desert architectural styles which is purposely used for building homes, Clay and soil play an important role in architecture and walls act as a supporting element of the house rather than a foundation.

Adobe roofs are made of a colloidal mixture of soil, clay, and water along with some organic materials that help to sustain the heat, woods are also used for decorations and door purposes in the adobe architectural style, we can witness the architectural building the hot Caribbean region of the country.

Hacienda style homes

Hacienda is another important Mexican architecture for the royal and rich design style with more occupation space inside the house, hacienda-style homes are referred to as house which is larger in size and more comfortable than ordinary houses, huge compounds and multi-story are the common characteristics of the style.

Large bricks with cobblestone floors and marble foundations are some of the core materials used in the construction of the hacienda style.

Spanish-Mexican style

The impact of the Spanish invasion left the Spanish-style villas in Mexica like a red flower in the garden of white flowers, most of the mansions in Mexico were built with Spanish Mexican style larger in size and fancy in design and extraordinary decorations.

Central courtyards with white stucco walls and red tile roofs are common in the architectural style, Arch shapes are also some of the core features in the Spanish-Mexican style, and most of the drug lords and Gangsters own mansions made of the Spanish-Mexican architectural style.


Mexico may be the land of high-dose drugs and the world of gangsters but the country has more beautiful things like the unique taste of food from town to town and art to not miss out, from ancient Mayan architecture to the colonial Spanish architecture and growing to the modern and contemporary architecture it is a land of colloidal art where we can see almost all forms of architecture scattered through the desert and the cities.


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