Small 3 Bedroom House Plans

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Small 3 bedroom house plans consist of 3 bedrooms, one hall room, and one kitchen, and toilets can vary from one to two numbers. Small 3 bedroom house plans room sizes and extra rooms (store room, study room, servant room, etc.) can be different as per the client’s requirements.

The construction cost of 3BHK houses varies from village to city. One can easily calculate the construction cost of a house using the below formula.

Total Builtup area X Construction cost (Avg. Quality materials)= Total cost

About drawing specifications

This Small 3 bedroom house plan consists of one 3 BHK unit on each floor with one staircase, one lift, and a common lobby area of (1225mm X 2915mm).

Ground Floor

  • Security Room: 3265mm X 4225mm
  • Common Toilet: 2115mm X 1040mm
  • 4 nos of car parking: 9510mm X 7630mm

Typical Floor Plans

  • Bedroom A: 3265mm X 4225mm
  • Balcony A: 2469mm X 1200mm
  • Bedroom B: 3520mm X 3650mm
  • Balcony B: 3670mm X 1200mm
  • Master Bedroom: 3660mm X 3360mm
  • Balcony C: 1200mm X 2410mm
  • Drawing Room: 4015mm X 3665mm
  • Balcony 1: 1955mm X 1200mm
  • Dining Room: 3265mm X 3665mm
  • Balcony 2: 1955mm X 1200mm
  • Kitchen: 3520mm X 1750mm
  • Common Toilet: 2170mm X 1750mm
  • Attach Toilet: 2170mm X 1040mm
Product NameSmall 3 bedroom house plans
Available format.dwg
File size295.94 kb
Unit of measureMillimeters
Supported versionsAutodesk AutoCAD 2010 and above


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