A few years ago, thinking about house renovation was a big task. We didn’t have many options to look at, plus the ideas that we could get from books and magazines were also quite expensive and out of reach. However, with the advancement of the internet, the topic of house renovation also had a complete makeover. House renovation websites, blogs, videos, and pictures sprung up from everywhere, and homeowners had easy access to everything related to remodeling or renovation of their houses. And the best part of all this was that the internet provided us with expensive and sophisticated ideas, as well as ideas that did not burn a hole in our pockets.

Not all house renovation websites are proper, and only a few of these websites make it to the top of our Google Search. It is essential for these house renovation websites to look amazing, with good-quality pictures, and simple understandable writing such that a person viewing the said websites understands what the writer wants to convey very easily. Well-designed house renovation websites convince customers that they can be trusted with their homes, and also make them sure of the value the website offers.

Let’s look at the 7 best house renovation websites and blogs that can provide customers with the best ideas for their homes


The founder of Remodelaholic is a woman named Cassity, who was on her way to remodel her 5th home. But when her ideas started creating a buzz, it was impossible for her to keep up with the demand. That’s when she had the idea of creating a  blog which is now a largely driven website.

On this website, one can find everything, from making your own shelves and improving home aesthetics to completing a makeover of a house. The blog is very simple and straightforward, with DIY information provided at every step. The site also discusses wall paintings, and hairstyles for kids, which also gives the blog a homely touch, attracting many parents to the website.


Turning your house renovation into a reality is what Houzz is an expert at. From pretty pictures, ideas, and blogs, to talking to professionals and getting recommendations from them, Houzz has everything. Houzz has architects, designers, contractors, and all kinds of people in the trade, who can help customers solve every kind of problem related to home building and renovations. The member’s forum in Houzz also allows one to post questions related to home designing and get advice from professionals and other homeowners who have gone through the same process.


HomeLane is an Indian Blog that majorly focuses on providing DIY ideas, décor tips, and trends that can revamp your homes. The blog focuses on mundane elements that can help make a home look vibrant and lively. The blog provides in-depth knowledge of styling your homes, interior design ideas, façade inspiration, and many more. The blog also gives information about materials that can be bought to create one’s dream house. HomeLane also has many garden ideas, including large gardens and miniature ones.


Trumatter is run by an Indian Mumbai-based blogger and the blog mostly focuses on Scandinavian and Coastal styles. From minimalistic design ideas to creating magic with whites, the designer is keen on helping people create their dream homes by not burning a hole in their pockets. The blog mainly focuses on home renovations, but also acts like a lifestyle blog by giving users a variety of options to scroll through from recipes to gardening tips to even decorating your Christmas trees.

Young House Love

This renovation project is run by John and Sherry Petersik, a young couple who fell in love with DIY renovations and have been going at it for the past fourteen years. The couple has covered a total of 3,000 DIY projects, and their blog is a sea of information related to home renovations and design ideas. They have also written quite a few popular books that provide in-depth knowledge related to décor and DIY ideas. They have also displayed a lot of before and after visuals on their websites so that customers can know that Young House Love can be trusted to create their dream house.

Also, for people who do not have time to read or just basically do not like reading, Young House Love also has a podcast where they talk about home improvements and also interview professionals such as architects, contractors, and many such industry professionals.

Designer Trapped

Designer Trapped is a website run by Tasha from North Carolina, who used to practice law before she started her blog on home renovation. The blog mainly focuses on DIY projects, that were inspired by their own house which was renovated by her and her husband solely using DIY as they could not afford to hire a professional. The blog has a simplistic layout and it is very easy for readers to find topics about crafts, furniture, flooring, and other such topics.

An Indian Summer

This is a Design Blog run by Bhavna Bhatnagar, that deals with interior design, travel, design, and lifestyle. They mainly focus on vintage aesthetics providing customers with aesthetically pleasing visuals and ideas with a touch of modern interior design pieces. Their main goal is to transform a house into a home by providing cozy elements and inculcating design.


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