Hafeez Contractor

Are you afraid of heights? Are you out of greenery? Hafeez Contractor may have a solution for you, in the streets of Mumbai Hafeez was born and grew up and graduated from the University of Mumbai and Columbia University.

With dreams of changing the architectural industry of India and ending up being on the list of the world’s best architects that’s the story of Hafeez contractor.

From India to Dubai Hafeez built numerous buildings that’ll say his name for centuries and above, he is a follower of high-rise buildings and used them as a solution for the huge Indian population and also to make cities look more civilized and modern in architecture.

The so-called current age architecture Hafeez contractor used to design a building for the current situation and demand of the society.

All the major works of Hafeez’s contractors are based in Indian cities, we can even say that he shaped the architectural culture of India, from Mumbai to Noida all of his works speak bold and height.

Architecture Philosophy

Hafeez Contractor is well known for his giant-height buildings, contemporary and modern architecture is the style followed by him his own trademark of no signature with beautiful design concepts.

He is also called the Bollywood architect “architecture with no signature but with beautiful designs”.

He was also concerned about making more greenery buildings for the purpose of making society go green again and he also hated to design buildings only for awards.

One of his most iconic works is 23 Marina Tower, Dubai, it is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

In all works of Hafeez contractor, there is a sense of beauty and clean design to be inspired by, his works also relate to the society where the building surrounds and also give a spiritual feel inside and a country feel outside.

Works to look

Ideal Topsia, Mumbai

In the busiest Indian city with blue lights and great height the Ideal Topsia building in Mumbai holds the trademark of Hafeez Contractor, it is one of the tallest buildings in Mumbai and India with a beautiful and simple design concept.

Sarala Building Academy, Bangalore

The Roman-like architecture in the Silicon Valley of India is Sarala Building Academy with neat and clean modern architecture and broader green ground, it is a great example of a building with valid greeneries around it.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Assam

This is another beautiful design concept from Hafeez’s contractor with wider space outside and more greeneries around, it is one architecture of heaven to feel and also an inspiration for the younger architects.

Most of Hafeez’s works are about institutions, hotels, residences, and office buildings all containing neat and clean designs that may even look like the modern vernacular architecture style.

More than just being an architecture and design genius, Hafeez’s contractor is also concerned about society and the huge population of India, with his sense of mind he developed projects that also act as a solution for the huge Indian population.


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