Architecture does not only serve the purpose of design and art but it also serves as the primary shelter for humankind from the beginning of civilization, the great wall of China is possibly one of the finest defensive architecture ever made in the history of man

There’s a famous saying  “ Rome can’t build in a day ”,  the same can be applied to the Great Wall of China as it has merely built for hundreds of centuries, with the available resources and research we can say that the Great Wall of China builds from 3rd century BC to 17th century AD.

The entire miracle started when King Qin Shi Huang ordered to build a defense against the Mongols, but the construction process continued for hundreds of years until the Ming Dynasty finished it during the 14th century.

great wall of china

Design of the Great Wall of China

As it is a defensive architecture to protect the Chinese from the outside of their territory they built it in accordance with the military purpose, The Great Wall of China can be categorized as  Walls, passes, and signal towers.

While the walls with a height of 20-30 feet and a length of up to 21 feet, passes were used for trade purposes with secured architecture methodology and finally the signal tower was for the monitoring purposes of intruding.

The entire wall was constructed with the single purpose of not letting outsiders come in so they made it strong as possible.

great wall of china

Materials Used

As we can say in ancient times, the time when the Great Wall of China started being constructed there wasn’t much construction material available, they used whatever we call raw materials today like rocks, and the earth’s core sands, as the years passed the change in their construction also used, today the great wall of china even have tiles and bricks to make it further strong.

They used lime and rectangular-shaped bricks to make it strong and sustainable, The usage of bricks and tiles dates to the 14th century, but if about to say the material used to build then we can say that the Chinese used all the available material for hundreds of years to build it.

Architecture Philosophy

The Chinese architectural philosophy is one of the very old methods in architecture they followed the same architectural technique for centuries, the world has witnessed the impact of Chinese architecture in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East.

But when it comes to the architectural philosophy of the Great Wall of China we can ensure that their organic architectural style to build the towers in between and offices in the middle, Chinese architecture has one major advantage as it is strong enough to stand for years because of the pattern they use in their architecture, it’s like the skin of the dragon hard and un-penetrable.

Architecture serves many purposes in the part of civilization here it serves as the defensive one but still, it is one of the most admirable giant architecture ever built in human history and architecture has many such forms to serve its purpose.


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