Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe: Less is more

Ludwig Mies Van Der

Ludwig Mies Van Der- Today at the start of 2020, the world is so modern and we have all the advanced technology of world of all time, but when we look through the history we have architecture as the only proof for the evolution of civilization, Some people structured the roadmap of architecture and here we are seeing about one such person who designed the modernism in a very simplified version.

Mies van der rohe, the name which echoes in the tall American buildings and in the world of modern minimal architecture, being born in Aachen, Germany, mies is strongly inspired by the minimalism, “less is more” that’s what represents each of his work when the world is looking for attractions, mies looked deeper into simplicity and it made him become the master in his work.

Mies lived in the present all the time and thought in the same way, he often refers “ we don’t look into the history of civilization, we look into the civilization we live”, and he looked into the present and created architecture for it, he uses industrial steel and plate glass in all of his architecture and it become the international style of architecture afterward, rather than being inspired by the legendary architects, he himself becomes one by creating his own style.

Mies van loved modernism and minimalism so he combined both and created an art out of it, he also had an urge to show the interior to the world and he did it in his work.

Being one of the greatest architect of 20th century, mies refer his work as “skin and bone”, today his work are the face of Chicago and its modern buildings, the style of mies van inspired many and that’s how the entire world took his idea and recreated buildings with the use of more steel and glass to represent the modernism.

Of all the work he did, it represented a classy way to create an impact in first sight, all of his work looks neat, simple and yet modern.

Ludwig Mies Van Der rohe Works to look at:

Seagram Building, New York  

If you go to the busiest city in the world and see a tall tower with plain beauty, that’s Seagram building in the heart of New York City, it is one such fine work of mies.

Barcelona pavilion

Barcelona pavilion is one of epic work done by Mies Van at the early stage of his career, to till date it stands as an identity of modern-minimalism, Mies isn’t just a legendary architect but also a legendary designer, the design of Barcelona chair is the masterclass design by the master Mies Van de rohe.

Farnsworth House, Chicago

Farnsworth House, Chicago Federal Complex and Crown Hall, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive, Lafayette Park,  Cullinan Hall at Museum of Fine Arts, Houstonare other fine works by Mies van.

Apart from being an architect mies van also positioned as the head of architecture school at the Armour Institute of Technology, and also served as director of Bauhaus(famous German art school).

Today at the start of a whole new year we all are studying about different peoples who achieved in their work and life, but If we look deeply into their works, they all followed their originality, they created their own trademarks and that’s how mies van become one of greatest architect of 20th century.

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