Richard Roger: a man of modernism Architecture

I don’t know why all the things that relate to the British are some kind of royal and magnificent, here we are going to study about one of the greatest Italian-British architect Richard roger the lord rogers of the riverside.

Richard roger is noted for his high tech design and modern architecture style, some of his works are still a daydream for the current young architects.

Being born in Florence(Tuscany) Italy Richard graduated from architectural association London and yale university the Pompidou Center Paris exploded his talent and also showed the world who Richard is, every artist is once a beginner and Richard roger was a master from the beginning itself.

Richard roger

Architecture philosophy:

In the mid 19’s the modernism played a very important role in architecture and almost every architecture are after that, Richard roger too got inspired by the modern architecture but with his own functional design concept.

Richard roger has a vast amount of experience as he worked with many notable architects like mike Davis, Renzo piano, and other firms, And designed his own way of creating an architecture concept called the stylish high tech architecture.

Notable works:

Sometimes work can define the ability of a person and two works defined the career of Richard roger,

Pompidou Center, Paris

The giant multi-functional high tech architecture style has something that the modern world can adopt, this is one of the fine works ever done in the European countries and it played a very important role in shaping the roger’s career.

Richard roger

Lloyd building, London

In the heart of London, an unusual modern architecture the so-called Lloyd building is one of fine work did by Richard roger at the early stage of his career, the design is being inspired by the futuristic architecture based on modernism and his own functional architecture style, the architecture concept is to build an architecture with more central space for its flexibility.

Architecture philosophy:

Richard roger being born in the early 1990s adopted into the modern architecture style and then implemented his own high tech functional architecture design, most of his works represent the high tech designing concept with the core of multi-functionality purpose.

His architecture concept is also considered as a design for the future and also to build with more spaces in it.

From Pompidou center to millennium dome, his work represented the futuristic design and also became a trademark for his style.

Works to look at:

The Leadenhall building –:

One of the tallest buildings in London with cool design, the Leadenhall building added a step into the career of Richard roger, with a high functional and rich design made it an identity in the Royal London city.

The millennium dome:

In the southern part of London millennium dome is one of the largest architecture in the world an exhibition center for political purposes, the millennium dome is the biggest project done by Richard roger and also adds a reputation for his architecture style.

Other than this terminal 5, one hyde park, three world trade centers are some of the highly functional modern architecture done by Richard roger and there is actually more.

“If someone is good at his own style and keep doing at what he’s best at, he’ll eventually become something that the world remembers.”

Richard roger is one such architecture with his own architecture concept and did what he’s best at, today he’s a legend, you can too someday…

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