Antoni Gaudi Cornet was a Catalan architect born in Reus (Catalonia, Spain) from a normal family, but no one ever imagined he could become a genius of a kind and redefine modernism in his own style.

Antoni Gaudi is one such remarkable architects the world has ever witnessed and his work is the identity to date, Antoni Gaudi is a man of nature, animals,s and other such natural things, he was inspired by the Neolithic style, art nouveau, gothic art and organic style of course.

From adulthood Antoni Gaudi has something within him that makes solutions from the broken and unused things, he recreated things that are not of use anymore, and he applied it in his work later in life which made him one of the finest architects in history.

Architecture Philosophy

Antoni created a style of his own without copying from the former legendary architectures and architectural styles called the Catalan modernism, Antoni Gaudi loved to recreate things and he used broken tiles for decorations, and it also helped to reduce the cost.

Studying geometry at an early age, helped him to structure his career, with an unusual social lifestyle, Antoni used most of his time creating new designs and styles which is what every architecture student is studying.

As a fan of nature, Antoni loves to connect his work with nature itself in a very creative way and it made all the people astonish about, he also used a method called trencadis (which means broken or cracked), Antoni Gaudi reused the broken and cracked things for decorations and financial reasons too.

Antoni Gaudi Works

El Capricho (Cantabria, Spain) is one such fine work of Antoni Gaudi, it doesn’t represent any of the traditional architecture but it does represent Catalan architecture, by using brickwork, tiles, and wrought irons together in a simple and traditional structure with relevant color, it is a work more like a fiction, the one we can see in the Hollywood fantasy movies, that’s how the creativity and style of Antoni defined.

Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Mila (Barcelona, Spain) is one of the greatest works of Antoni in architecture, with a giant civic architectural structure and functional innovation to date, it was even announced as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1984.

Antoni gaudi

The park Guell

Today it is a public park rather than a museum to represent the genius art of Antoni Gaudi, he himself lived in the park Guell along with his family, it is one tremendous work of Antoni for society and the people of the world.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia the dream architecture of the greatest architect ever lived in human evolution, designed the architecture of Sagrada Familia which has been in progress for about 137 years and is predicted to be finished by 2025.

Antoni gaudi

Antoni Gaudi used to document his work by drawing, from adulthood to his entire life, he searched for perfection in art, humanity, and society, so he created all the things which satisfy his own soul.

From all the works of Antoni Gaudi the Great, we can see a flow of nature and creativity from broken things, he redefined the art with all the beautiful imperfection things and made it a perfect one to remember and to learn.


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