Around the world lot of humans create wonders with science, art, and technology, here we are speaking about someone who changed the lives of people with his creative architectural style.

Shigeru Bans a Tokyo-born architect, being inspired by Japanese and American architecture, Shigeru ban created an identity of his own which then transformed as a solution for the people of Japan and around the world.

The world has seen architects use stones, bricks, steel, and glass to build and decorate buildings, but in the busy city of Japan, someone created buildings with paper and cardboard.

You may think how in the world someone builds with the use of paper and cardboard, but if something is used in the right place with the right method anything is possible.

Shigeru Ban Architecture philosophy

In the emerging world of architecture people often introduce new materials, new ways, and methods of building, being inspired by both American and Japanese architectural styles, Shigeru Ban used a kind of new-age architecture.

Shigeru used cardboard tubes and papers to build houses if we see the work from the human perspective it may not make sense, but if we look at it from the architect’s perspective it is a solution for people who used to live in earthquakes and consistent natural disaster places.

Apart from his creative cardboard architecture style, his other architecture like an Aspen art museum, center Pompidou Metz, Mt Fuji World Heritage Center, and Nicolas Hayek Center Tokyo represent his part in the new age of modern architecture.

The classic yet dynamic approach of his architecture gave a new look to the building and the style of architecture like every other legendary architect did.

Shigeru Ban works to look at

Nicolas G. Hayek Center

In the Japanese city of Tokyo, the headquarters of the Swatch group is one of the architecture that defines modernism and international architecture, it is a treat to the eyes with uniform color and creative architecture.

Mt Fuji World Heritage Center

It is of one the most creative architectural style in the world,  with half-cone-like shapes and glasses around it giving a complete fantasy look to the building.

Cardboard cathedral

Cardboard Cathedral is a church in the south island, of New Zealand is the first-ever building made out of cardboard tubes and cardboard, it gives new hope to the young architecture and it also teaches a new approach to a problem.

The new way of Architecture

Shigeru Ban created houses with paper during the tsunami times and made shelters out of cardboard during the torrential rain, this shows us a new way of architecture and gives hope to the young architects to think in a very different way.

La Seine Musicale (Paris), Nomadic Museum ( New York), and Haesley Nine Bridges (South Korea) are some of the other fine works done by Shigeru Ban and it all has a different shade of architecture which represents his trademark style.

The intelligence of a person is defined by the idea and then transformed their idea into something that creates an impact on other life, here we are learning about one such person who changed the life of at least a hundred people and gave a solution to the longing problem.


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