Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California

We all know how Walt Disney changed the world with his revolution of cinema and the picture form which he introduced to the universe, for his memory a concert hall was designed just to make sure that nobody no human being should forget who Walt Disney was.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

In 1987 Lillian Disney could have chosen any architectural design like the majestic neo-classical or the organic architecture style but she wanted something different something that could change the entire American architectural style to remember her husband’s memory to the world and she chose deconstructive architecture style and then it blown.

In the southern part of Los Angeles, there are a lot of things to remember in the fancy city but when you go to the southern part of Hollywood town you remember only one thing, the Walt Disney concert hall for its mighty steel fancy dancing structure and you’ll never forget the shape in your entire life, that’s the impact it created in the evolution of architecture.

Architecture Philosophy

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry is well known for his deconstructive and post-modern architectural style, he’s been chosen among a lot of famous architects in the world and the choice was right, he just did the magic again in Los Angeles, the deconstructive architecture style is one of few styles which is more of revolution in the world of architecture, for its unpredictable look and the impact it creates, the deconstructive architecture revolves around several major things like chaos, the chaos of impact, the chaos of shape and material used.

It worked well with the Walt Disney concert hall for the purpose it served, to serve peace and joy to the people who lived inside the hall with music inside and amazing art around them.

The imbalanced geometry in the style and structure attracts people and challenges other modern and postmodern architectural styles.

Architectural Analysis

The exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall is made of complete steel and that’s why it is shining in silver, Frank Gehry chose stone as the core material before but then the authorities needed something mighty in look and they chose steel inspired by titanium Guggenheim museum by Frank Gehry.

The stainless steel material is one of the hardest parts of architecture as it involves lots and lots of engineering to be done, after mining, grinding, and drilling today the structure is shining.

The interior of the Walt Disney concert is unusual in its structure, unlike ordinary concert halls it has the orchestra in the middle and the audience surrounded more like a stadium, it was designed to keep the people and artists in peace and harmony and to be in the un-solitude state.

About the Architect

The Canadian-born American architect is a blow inside, Frank Gehry was born in Toronto and graduated from the University of Southern California chose contemporary architecture as his core style and one of few architects who represented deconstructive architecture style in the entire world, most of his work are famous for its unusual architectural style and design.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum

In the world of architecture, only a few are so-called masterpiece of architecture, Guggenheim Museum is one such, art and architecture is the thing that never separates, here Frank Gehry designed the architecture in a lotus-like design when looked at bridge, river, and sky but still it is not a lotus, that’s the work of frank to show something realistic and yet it isn’t real.


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