Can somebody make the cement and bricks dance? Can someone make the craziest yet most amazing architecture in the entire world? if your answer is yes, then you must know Frank Gehry the man who makes buildings dance with his architectural style”.

The Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry – the most iconic architect of our time, Frank Gehry is well known for his unusual and unfriendly architectural style, he sees architecture as a language to transfer his thoughts and also to transfer his emotions.

What is it if it doesn’t make someone think it’s amazing, that’s the trademark of Frank’s work, from Walt Disney concert hall to the dancing house all of his architecture has a very different and beautiful story hidden within.

Design Philosophy

After reading all the things above you may be wondering what kind of design concept(philosophy) Frank Gehry follows and it is really hard to explain because he did something which is never before defined, but still, his architectural design is called modern and contemporary architecture.

frank Gehry las vegas
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

Frank’s work contains illusion and unrealistic design, his architectures relate to the purpose rather than ordinary or amazing designs, and he sketches to relate the purpose along with the architecture.

The Walt Disney concert hall relates to music and art, likewise, all of his architecture relates to the purpose of its construction. We can call Frank Gehry’s architectural style the mirror of thoughts.

Frank Gehry Works

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

walt disney concert hall

This architecture is considered one of the most iconic architecture ever built on earth with giant stainless steel outside and smooth melody designs inside, The purpose of the design of Walt Disney Concert Hall is to make both the performer and audience feel comfortable inside the construction.

Olympic Fish Pavilion, Barcelona

As the name defines, the Olympic Fish Pavilion is a fish-like architectural design, The canopy for the luxurious restaurant and casino has the purpose of making the people feel like they are inside a magical and unrealistic architecture, it also fulfills a joyous place.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum

In the world of architecture, only a few are so-called masterpiece of architecture, Guggenheim Museum is one such, art and architecture is the thing that never separates, here Frank Gehry designed the architecture in a lotus-like design when looked at bridge, river, and sky but still it is not a lotus, that’s the work of frank to show something realistic and yet it isn’t real.

Museum of pop culture(moPOP), Seattle

How on earth someone can design like this? They have to dream and make it a reality, The story behind moPOP design is that Frank bought several guitars broke them into pieces, and made a design from them, This is the most iconic design story I ever heard and I hope you are too.

The design defines the relationship between modern pop culture and the rock ‘n’ roll design concept which made it the most iconic architecture to date. Art is something that freezes at least a minute in the life of common people and the architecture that Frank Gehry made does freeze you at first sight.


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