Postmodern Architecture: Architecture philosophy and works

Postmodern Architecture

Everyone in this world needs something new every time, people always need a change so that they can experience something which keeps them amused, postmodernism is just like rain in the hot summer, in the later 19’s architects were looking for something new in the architecture rather than ordinary styles and design.

Postmodern architecture was created just to show people that architecture can be creative and fun too when architects eliminated all the ordinary materials and core principles of modern architecture style, post-modern architecture born with lots and lots of creativity and unordinary with unusual architectural style.

Later postmodernism was the key to create architecture styles like neo futurism, deconstructivism, by 1970-90 it was at the peak and then many such twin architecture styles were born and people adapted to it later.

postmodern architecture

Even today many of amazing architecture are in the postmodern architecture style, Denise Scott brown played a very important in the world of architecture by introducing postmodern architecture to the world, later the style evolved in the European like any other architecture style, architects like Robert Venturi, Frank Gehry and Charles Moore helped to make postmodernism to the wider world audience.

Architecture philosophy:

Bright colors with fun like structure and by using a variety of materials in architecture are the core essential things of post modernism, it just displayed the other part of the architecture more like an experimental architecture style, with every architecture build in the world with post modernism found something new every other time.

The variety of materials being used made it look more attractive than the organic and modern architecture style and made it a wider audience in the entire world, as being something new and unusual people adapted to the postmodern architecture and begin to like it more than any other architecture.

postmodern architecture

Bright colors with fun design structures made a remarkable hit in the architecture world, every architecture which is considered as an international architecture style is made of postmodernism, some of the most amazing buildings are renowned work of postmodern architecture.

Works to remember:

PPG Place, Pennsylvania– to witness post-modern architecture style you have to go to many places but first it is PPG place for its giant and stylish structure with high-class design, being constructed in 1983 by architect Philip Johnson and john burgee it is one of reference even today for the postmodernism.

Dancing house– we cannot call dancing house as a direct post-modern architecture but it is made of deconstructivism which was born from the postmodern architecture, in today’s world it is one of most enjoyable architecture it is designed by American architect Frank Gehry in 1992 and still it is beating most of the amazing architecture style in the world.

Sydney opera house–  though Australia is not a place of architecture like the European continent still it adapted to postmodernism through its one of the remarkable Sydney opera houses, it is not only a pride to the postmodernism but also for the entire Australia continent.

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