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3 bed 2 bath house plans consist of 3 bedrooms, one hall room, and one kitchen, and toilets can vary from one to two numbers. 3 bed 2 bath house plans room sizes and extra rooms (store room, study room, servant room, etc) can be different as per the client’s requirements.

The construction cost of 3 BHK houses varies from village to city. One can easily calculate the construction cost of a house very easily using the below formula.

Total Builtup area X Construction cost (Avg. Quality materials)= Total cost

About drawing specifications

This Small 3 bedroom house plan consists of one 3 BHK unit on each floor with one staircase and one lift.

Floor plans:

  • Bedroom A: 4150mm X 4000mm
  • Balcony A: 1200mm X 2000mm
  • Bedroom B: 4465mm X 4050mm
  • Balcony B: 2400mm X 1200mm
  • Master Bedroom: 4200mm X 3360mm
  • Balcony 3: 2400mm X 1200mm
  • Drawing Room: 4465mm X 4275mm
  • Balcony 1: 2500mm X 1200mm
  • Dining Room: 8815mm X 4000mm
  • Kitchen: 3000mm X 4000mm
  • Balcony 2: 2000mm X 1200mm
  • Common Toilet: 2800mm X 1900mm
  • Attach Toilet: 2700mm X 1900mm
  • Lobby: 3015mm X 1900mm
  • Verandha: 1200mm X 2475mm
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