Zaha Hadid

In the world of architecture, some people create their own world and show it to the people of the world, Zaha Hadid one of the most popular architectures for her own style and luxurious designs, If we look at all the greatest people in the world and amuse how they did it? They always had their own style and Zaha Hadid to a style that represented the luxury and royalty in the British and to the world.

Being born in a wealthy and reputed Iraq family on October 1, 1950, in Baghdad, Iraq, Zaha Hadid graduated in mathematics and then in architecture, the artist was not born but they built themselves into something that the world remembers.

Some architecture in the world represents the deepest image of the humankind, Zaha Hadid architecture is one such architecture, she often called the queen of the curve.

Futuristic Architecture

From the London Olympic Center to Sheik Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi Zaha created her own world of architecture, she had the mind of creating the future and she did create, all the works of Zaha to represent the new age of architecture.

She uses the strongest material like steel and concrete and then makes it dance for her imagination, the curve in her buildings are trademark and tells the story of new-age architecture.

For her creative curve style, the Guardian magazine represented Zaha Hadid as “the queen of the curve”.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Dynamic Architecture

The architectural style that changes in accordance with the age we live in, is called dynamic architecture, Mathematics helped Zaha Hadid to create dynamic architecture with the right geometry to form the perfect curve we have ever witnessed in the world of architecture.

In all her works she describes the core imagination of art and uses all the usual material to create it.

Zaha Hadid works to look at

Olympics Center, London

If you ever go to London and see the mighty melodious wave-like center, the so-called Olympics center, it is one such work of Zaha Hadid the woman who changed the modern age architecture with her imagination.

Wangjing Soho, Beijing

This is one of China’s finest architectural works ever, the Wangjing Soho is a three-curved building with a wave-like structure and skins with steel, more like an illusion this architecture still holds the pride of Zaha Hadid.

Al Wakrah Stadium

It is one of Hadid’s designs before her death, al Wakrah Stadium is one of the main stadiums for the Qatar – 2022 World Cup, the design is like the usual Zaha Hadid futuristic architecture and it is inspired by the dhow pearl fishing boat style.

  • Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China
  • Bridge Pavilion in Zaragoza, Spain
  • MAXXI Entrance and Interior, Rome, Italy

Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China

Zaha Hadid the only woman awarded the royal gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects,  holds the Stirling prize and Pritzker Architecture Prize, apart from all her fame and pride, she created architecture and art which made the earth a whole new place to live and to remember.

Some people are remembered for a lifetime not for the money and popularity but for the things they created which impact millions of emotions and to learn something from it.


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