Assam, a state in Northeast India, is filled with beautiful nature and wildlife. It has seven National Park in Assam that are unique places to see animals and plants. This article will teach us about these parks and what makes them special. So, get ready to discover the wonders of National Park in Assam!

Kaziranga National Park: where Rhinoceroses live

Kaziranga national park in Assam is a significant place for rhinoceroses. It is a big park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park has tall grass, marshes, and forests where many animals live. The Indian one-horned rhinoceros is the most famous animal here. You can also see tigers, elephants, wild water buffaloes, and many birds. You can go on a jeep or elephant ride to see these fantastic animals up close.

Kaziranga National Park is a special place in India where you can see many unique animals and plants. Here are some that you might know when you visit:

One-Horned Rhinoceros

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This national park in Assam has the world’s most influential group of one-horned rhinoceroses! These rhinos have only one horn, which is very rare and unique.

Bengal Tigers

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There are also Bengal tigers in Kaziranga, but they can be hard to spot because they like to hide. If you’re lucky, you might see one of these big cats.


Kaziranga is home to many elephants. You might see herds of elephants walking together and playing in the water.

Colorful Birds

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If you like birds, you will love Kaziranga! There are over 500 different kinds of birds in the park. You can see beautiful birds like the great Indian hornbill and the pied kingfisher.

Deer and Buffaloes

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Kaziranga has swamp deer and wild buffaloes. These animals can see grazing in the grasslands and wet areas of the park.

Plants and Trees

The park is filled with different plants and trees. There is tall grass, marshy areas, and thick forests. It’s like a giant garden!

Safari Adventures

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To explore the park and see the animals, you can go on a safari. You can ride in a jeep or even on the back of an elephant! It’s a fun and safe way to get close to the animals.

Remember, the animals you see might change depending on the time of year. When visiting Kaziranga National Park, it’s always a good idea to check with grown-ups or ask the park guides for the latest information.

Manas National Park in Assam: a place for many animals

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Manas National Park in Assam is another particular park. It is near the Eastern Himalayas and is also a UNESCO site. The park has beautiful landscapes with different kinds of trees and flowers. Many animals live here, like tigers, elephants, golden langurs, and clouded leopards. Bird lovers will enjoy seeing more than 450 types of birds. You can take a jeep ride or rave on the Manas River to explore this incredible park.

Manas National Park is a special place in India, known for its beautiful nature and animals. When you visit the park, here are some things you can expect to see:


The park has many different kinds of animals. You might spot tigers, rhinoceroses, hogs, leopards, langurs, and turtles. Some of these animals live in danger, meaning there aren’t many left in the world. It’s a unique opportunity to see them in their natural homes.


If you like birds, you’re in luck! Manas National Park is a favorite spot for birds. Over 450 types of birds are there. Some birds even come from faraway places during the winter. You might see the Bengal florican, the great hornbill, and the scarlet minivet, among others.


The park has many different plants that make it look beautiful. There is tall grass, big trees called sal trees, pretty flowers like orchids, and bamboo groves. Walking through the park feels like being in a green and colorful forest.


The park is next to the Manas River. It adds to the park’s beauty. You can go on a boat or raft and enjoy the peacefulness of the river. Sometimes, you might even see animals near the riverbanks.


Manas National Park in Assam is not just about nature; it’s also essential to the people there. It is a special place recognized by the United Nations. The park is near Bhutan so you might notice some influences from Bhutanese and Bodo cultures.

When you visit the park, remember to follow the rules, respect the animals, and enjoy the wonderful nature around you.

Nameri National Park: Tigers in the forest

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Nameri National Park is a great place to see tigers. It is in the Eastern Himalayas and has forests and rivers. Tigers, elephants, and other animals live here. You can also spot the rare white-winged wood duck. To explore Nameri, you can go on guided walks, do river rafting, or even camp in the park. It’s a beautiful place to connect with nature.

Nameri National Park in Assam is a beautiful place in Assam, India. It has lots of plants and animals for you to see. Here are some things you can expect when you visit:

Plants and animals

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The park has many trees like hillocks, Amari, and bamboo. You might even see elephants, tigers, leopards, and deer. It’s also an excellent place for bird lovers, with over 300 bird species, including the great pied hornbill and the Bengal florican.


Nameri is the perfect spot if you like birds. You can see various colorful birds, like the tremendous pied and wreathed hornbill. You might even get to spot the rare white-winged duck!

River rafting

The park has a river called Jia Bhoroli, where you can go on a thrilling rafting adventure. Riding the rapids and enjoying the beautiful scenery around you is fascinating. Just remember to follow safety rules!

Trekking and hiking

Nameri has different trails to explore. You can go on guided walks through the forests, grasslands, and along the river. It’s a great way to see the park up close and enjoy nature.

Helping the environment

Nameri National Park in Assam is about caring for nature. They do things to protect the plants and animals and want visitors to do the same. You can learn how to keep the park clean and help with conservation projects.

Remember, the park might be different at different times, so it’s a good idea to check with the park or local tourism office before you visit. Have a great time exploring Nameri National Park!

Orang National Park: a smaller version of Kaziranga

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

Orang National Park in Assam sometimes refers to itself as the “Mini Kaziranga” because it looks like a smaller version of Kaziranga National Park. It is near the Brahmaputra River and has grasslands, wetlands, and forests. Just like in Kaziranga, you can see Indian one-horned rhinoceroses here. Tigers, elephants, wild boars, and birds also call this park their home. You can explore Orang on a jeep safari or boat ride on the river.

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park: wetland magic

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Dibru-Saikhowa National Park in Assam is a unique wetland park in Assam. It is enormous and has forests, grasslands, and rivers. The park is famous for its rich biodiversity. You can find the Bengal florican, white-winged wood duck, and even the Chinese pangolin here. Exploring Dibru-Saikhowa is exciting! You can ride a boat on the Brahmaputra and Dibru Rivers or trek through the forest.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: Rhinos everywhere

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Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is close to the city of Guwahati. It is a small sanctuary but has a lot of Indian rhinoceroses. It has one of the highest numbers of rhinos in the world! Besides rhinos, you can see other animals like wild boars, leopards, and even the Gangetic dolphin. You can take a jeep safari or go for a guided trek to spot these incredible creatures.

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary: like the Amazon

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Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is often called the “Amazon of the East” because it resembles the famous Amazon rainforest. It is a big sanctuary with dense forests and many different animals. Hoolock gibbons, Asian elephants, clouded leopards, and many birds live here. You can explore Dehing Patkai on guided treks, nature walks, or birdwatching trips.


Assam’s national parks are unique places to discover nature and wildlife. Each park has fantastic features and animals, from Kaziranga National Park to Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. These parks protect endangered species and preserve Assam’s natural beauty. So, if you love animals and nature, plan a visit to this national park in Assam and have an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Assam!


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