Are you looking for a simple and functional single floor home design? Single-floor homes are perfect for that! They have everything you need on one level, without stairs or different floors. This article explores 20 different single floor home design that will inspire you. These homes range from modern styles to traditional and rustic ones, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The Contemporary Haven

Thanks to its clean lines and large windows, this home has a bright and open feel, making it a very comfortable place to live. I love the spacious living room, the modern kitchen, and the natural light filling the house. You can even entertain your guests on the patio or deck area of the house if you wish.

The Cozy Cottage

The cozy cottage single floor home design is perfect if you like a warm and inviting feeling. It has a sloping roof, dormer windows, and a rustic charm. Inside, you’ll find a comfy living room with a fireplace, a cute kitchen, and a peaceful bedroom.

The Modern Minimalist

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The modern minimalist single floor home design focuses on simplicity. It has clean lines, open spaces, and a neutral color scheme. The home has big windows that bring in lots of natural light. It’s all about being functional and not having too much stuff.

The Ranch Style Retreat

In ranch-style homes, all the rooms are on the same level, so they are perfect for people who want to live on one level. It is usually a spacious layout, and a glass wall often connects the indoor and outdoor living spaces. You can have a large patio or deck outside, even if you don’t want to hold parties and get-togethers inside.

The Mediterranean Oasis

Beautiful Mediterranean villas inspire this design. It has arched windows, stucco walls, and tiled roofs. Inside, a central courtyard or atrium usually brings nature into the home.

The Craftsman Bungalow

Craftsman bungalows are known for their attention to detail and craftsmanship. They often have exposed beams and natural materials. Inside, you’ll find an open floor plan, a cozy living room, a nice kitchen, and comfy bedrooms. They usually have a front porch too.

The Scandinavian Retreat

Scandinavian single floor home design is simple and connected to nature. Single-floor homes with Scandinavian designs have clean lines, light colors, and oversized windows. They create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

The Traditional Charm

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If you like classic and timeless designs, a single floor home design with traditional charm is a great choice. They usually have pitched roofs, detailed molding, and symmetrical windows. Inside, there’s a formal living room, a nice kitchen, and cozy bedrooms.

The Mid-Century Modern Gem

single floor home design

The single floor home design of mid-century modern homes is timeless and sleek. There is an open floor plan, and they have a good connection with nature. Large windows, simple furniture, and oversized windows emphasize the contemporary aesthetic.

The Farmhouse Retreat

Farmhouse retreats have a cozy and rustic charm. They have big kitchens, spacious family rooms with fireplaces, and multiple bedrooms. You can even have a front porch and a big backyard for outdoor activities.

The Asian Zen Hideaway

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Asian-inspired homes are all about peace and tranquility. They have clean lines, natural materials, and a minimalistic design. You might even find a peaceful garden or courtyard.

The Contemporary Cabin

There are many elements of modernity and rusticity incorporated into contemporary cabins. Open floor plans, oversized windows, and a combination of wood and stone are some of the features of these homes. Inside the house, there is a feeling of coziness and warmth.

The Coastal Retreat

These homes are perfect for coastal living. They have big windows that capture ocean views and let in lots of light. The inside is bright and airy, with colors inspired by the sea. You can even have a nice deck or patio to enjoy the coastal breeze.

The Industrial Loft

Industrial lofts have a modern and edgy look. They often have high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and open spaces. You’ll find a mix of raw materials like concrete and metal. The big windows let in lots of light.

The Cottage Chic

Cottage chic single floor home design combines the charm of a cottage with modern elements. They have traditional cottage features on the outside, but they’re stylish and comfortable inside. You’ll find light colors, natural textures, and cozy furniture.

The Eco-Friendly Haven

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Eco-friendly homes are all about being sustainable. They have energy-efficient features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. The materials used are eco-friendly too. These homes are both comfortable and good for the environment.

The Desert Oasis

Desert oasis homes are suitable for arid climates. They have earthy tones, big windows to enjoy desert views, and outdoor spaces protected from the sun. The landscaping is drought-resistant and fits well in the desert.

The Scandinavian Cabin

Unsurprisingly, a combination of simplicity and coziness characterizes Scandinavian cabin homes. They have traditional log or timber construction. You’ll find light-colored wood, oversized windows, and a fireplace inside.

The Asian-Inspired Retreat

single floor home design

Asian-inspired homes are peaceful and harmonious. They have simple designs, natural materials, and a connection to the outdoors. You might find sliding doors, indoor gardens, and water features.

The Futuristic Haven

Futuristic homes are modern and innovative. They have sleek lines, high-tech appliances, and intelligent home systems. These homes are perfect if you like a contemporary and cutting-edge look.


Single-floor homes are simple and functional and come in many different styles. From contemporary designs to cozy cottages, there’s a single-floor home design for everyone. Whether you like a modern look or a traditional charm, these 20 designs offer plenty of inspiration. Enjoy creating your dream home!


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