Welcome to the world of Assam type house design! These unique houses from Assam, a beautiful state in northeastern India, mix tradition and modern comfort. Assam type houses are known for their unique designs reflecting local culture and natural beauty. This article will discover 20 fascinating Assam type house design that combine the old and the new. So, let’s begin our exciting journey!

The Bamboo Haven

bamboo heaven

Picture a house made primarily of bamboo, a versatile and eco-friendly material found abundantly in Assam. From walls to roofs, bamboo creates a cozy, environmentally friendly living space connecting with nature.

The Elevated Oasis

In Assam, houses are often built on stilts to stay safe during floods. This design shows a house raised on stilts, which provides a safe space during floods and creates an open area that can be used for various purposes.

The Thatched Roof Retreat

assam type house

Imagine a house with a roof made of straw or reeds, commonly available materials in Assam. This design embraces the charm of thatched roofs while including modern amenities for a comfortable living experience.

The Courtyard Delight

Assam-type houses often have a central courtyard where families can gather and spend time together. This design makes the courtyard the heart of the house, with living areas and bedrooms surrounding it.

The Heritage Treasure

Assam has a rich cultural heritage, and this design celebrates it. With intricate wood carvings, traditional motifs, and vibrant colors, this house design tells stories celebrating the region’s cultural roots.

The Earthy Retreat

This Assam type house design focuses on creating a warm and cozy atmosphere using earthy tones. Clay walls, wooden accents, and simple decorations combine to create tranquility and comfort.

The Contemporary Blend

This design combines Assam’s traditional elements with modern architecture. It has clean lines, large windows that let in light, and modern amenities. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

The Eco-friendly Abode

assam type house

This Assam type house design is all about sustainability. It uses eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and even collects rainwater. Living in this house promotes a green and responsible lifestyle.

The Hillside Haven

assam type house design

Assam’s hilly landscapes are perfect for this house design. With large windows and balconies, this house offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. It’s a dream come true for nature lovers!

The Open Concept Wonder

In this Assam type house design, the house has open spaces that connect the living, dining, and kitchen areas. It creates a sense of togetherness, allows for natural ventilation, and lets in lots of sunlight.

The Rustic Charm

Imagine a house with exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and vintage furniture. This design captures the rustic charm of Assam’s rural areas while providing modern comforts for a delightful living experience.

The Serene Waterfront Retreat

assam type house design

If you are lucky enough to live near a river or lake in Assam, this design is for you. With large windows, spacious decks, and an open layout, this house lets you enjoy the peacefulness of living by the water.

The Modern Farmhouse

This design combines the simplicity of a farmhouse with modern elements. It has a spacious layout, organic materials, and beautiful gardens, making it a comfortable and welcoming place to live.

The Artistic Abode

Assam is known for its art and creativity, and this design celebrates that. From colorful murals to handcrafted furniture, every corner of this house reflects the artistic spirit of Assam.

The Minimalistic Retreat

If you like clean and uncluttered spaces, this design is perfect. It focuses on simplicity, functionality, and natural light, creating a peaceful and organized environment.

The Treehouse Haven

Imagine living in a house built among the treetops! This design makes that dream come true. With the house raised on stilts and surrounded by trees, it offers a unique and nature-filled living experience.

The Modern Traditional

This Assam type house design blends modern architecture with Assam’s traditional elements. It has modern construction techniques and includes Assam’s unique design motifs, creating a perfect fusion of old and new.

The Contemporary Cottage

This Assam type house design takes inspiration from English cottages and adds Assam’s architectural elements. It offers a cozy and intimate living space, perfect for small families or individuals seeking solitude.

The Smart Home

This Assam type house design incorporates innovative technology to make life easier. Imagine having automated lights and energy-efficient appliances. This house combines modern amenities with the charm of an Assam-type house.

The Grand Manor

This Assam type house design is for you if you want a larger and more luxurious living space. With spacious rooms, high ceilings, and elegant finishes, this house offers a luxurious and sophisticated Assam-type living experience.

What types of Assamese homes are most popular?

In Assam, there are different assam type home design of popular traditional homes. Here are a few examples:

Assam-type houses

These houses are made of bamboo and thatch. They have raised platforms and walls made of woven bamboo. Assam-type houses have sloping roofs and are well-ventilated.


Namghars are community prayer halls. They are usually large buildings with sloping roofs and wooden pillars. Namghars are made of bamboo, wood, and thatch.

Chang Ghars

assam type house

Chang Ghars have raised houses built by the Ahom community. They are constructed on stilts with steep roofs made of thatch or tiles. Chang Ghars were used by royalty and nobles.

Kachari houses

Kachari houses are built by the Karbi community. They are made of wood and bamboo with thatched roofs. Kachari houses have intricate carvings and designs on the walls.

Tiwa-style houses

Tiwa houses are built by the Tiwa (Lalung) community. They have bamboo and thatch walls and sloping roofs. Tiwa houses usually have a central courtyard for community activities.

These traditional homes reflect the culture and environment of Assam, but modern homes with different construction methods are also standard in the region.


Assam-type houses are a unique blend of tradition and modernity. These 20 Assam type house design showcase the beauty and versatility of Assam’s architectural style. Whether you prefer a cozy bamboo haven or a grand manor, there is an Assam type house design for everyone. Embrace the charm of Assam and experience the joy of living in a house that combines the best of the past and the present!


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