Minimalist architecture: its philosophy and characteristics

No matter how trendy the world is or how modern it gets day to day, people still love being simple and live a simple life even for saying a simple life is better than anything, minimalism is not just an art or architecture but it is a concept which can be implemented in anything in life.

The usage of simple elements with plain colors with less or no ornamentation are some of the core features of the minimal architecture, the architecture concept begun in the early 19’s and maximizing the space of the building is one major advantage of the minimalist architecture design.

More than an architecture concept minimalism is one fine concept which is used in life and any work, the design concept used in many art forms from painting to sculptures and even in UI UX design in the modern days, the birth of minimalism has its root to the enlightening Zen philosophy and Japanese culture.

minimalist architecture

Architecture philosophy:

When the world of architecture is filled with high decorations and usage of colors, the geometry played well with the usage of various materials and components, the minimalism showed something very unusual and simple with less usage of almost everything so that it reduces both cost and the work.

Plain and simple materials with plain color and neat component made it to look more formal and we can say that it is inspired from the neoclassic architecture, the core philosophy of minimalist architecture is to ignore whatever doesn’t make sense and use only what is necessary.

The traditional Japanese architecture is one of the major reason and acts as a greater influence in the minimalist architecture design, the characteristic of minimal architecture attracted more peoples and very soon it spread like wildfire from London to New York all major cities and countries adapted to minimalism in no time.

minimalist architecture

Architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, TadaoRndo, and Donald Judd played a very important role in making minimalist architecture a real one, by the time the minimalist architecture changed itself into modern minimalist architecture by implementing the modern elements with minimal design and architecture concept.

Some popular minimalist architecture buildings:

4X4 house:

4X4 House is one of globally recognized minimalist architecture building and it resembles the core characters and features of the minimal architecture, the success of the architecture is using only the needed elements alone, all the credit goes to architecture TadaoAndo in making the house a reality one with the neat and plain structure in the Hyogo region of Japan.

Barcelona pavilion:

In the cultural capital of Spain the identity of minimal architecture stands in the name of Barcelona in the name Barcelona pavilion, it is designed by one of most popular minimalist architecture or even called as the father of minimal architecture, the success of the iconic building lies in the limited usage of element and color.

With plain glass with white walls, the Barcelona Pavilion is a fine lecture for minimal architectural design.

In the world of high fashion and modern culture the simplicity is still chosen by many types of people across the globe, why we need to have more when there is no need of that, by using and having only the need is all minimalism is about, from office to houses and even restaurants adapted to the minimalist architecture concept, more than architecture the minimalism concept is one fine thing to be explored and get more use out of it and implement it in life.

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