The first space or room that we see when we enter a residential house or apartment is the living room. Living Spaces in a house or residence can be described as the spaces that are used for the common or social activities of the occupants. This is the space that visitors mostly see directly and the area acts as a showplace for the entire house. The design of the living room sets the theme of the entire house since social gatherings, parties, and conversations happen here.

When we talk about living rooms, the first thing that comes to our mind is the sitting space. Sofas are the most common piece of furniture in a living room. It is that element of a living room that can give the entire room a sense of style. Yet, people do not take the time to think before investing in a sofa. Yes, comfort and versatility are important, but so are the style and design. A sofa must not only act as a piece of furniture but should also add to the d├ęcor of the entire space.

When we talk about sofas, the color of the sofa helps to define the theme of the entire living space. Opting for bold color is a trendy way to add style to any space. One such color is red. Red is a color that draws the eye and helps in the creation of a signature piece. But the type of decorating style using a red sofa varies from person to person. In this article, we will learn about the signature living room decor red couch.

Living room decor red couch

Before we decide on a red couch, we must make sure we know the type of reds available and the type of color options that we can find under the red shade.  Choosing the right shade of red for your sofa is the first step to achieving the perfect design theme for a living space.

Wine red or burgundy sofas look beautiful in a modern and sophisticated setting. It helps transform the entire living room into a chic and traditional setting with a modern edge.

Sofas in the shade of red with a hint of orange, help elevate all the wooden furniture placed near it, thus achieving a classic midcentury modern look.

Coral red sofas with white walls are one of the most beautiful color combinations found in living room pallets. That, with the addition of bohemian interior decor, is the best way to create a subtle and laid-back look.

living room decor red couch

Ruby red sofas help achieve a rich and aristocratic look. Using this sofa, an art deco-style interior could be created for the entire space since this red is eye-catching.

Dark maroon and true red shades of the sofa help to create an eclectic style interior. In this style, a variety of such red furniture could also be included.

living room decor red couch

Living room decor red couch themes

Contemporary Theme

When a red sofa is mixed with neutral decor, a perfect contemporary setting can be created easily in a living room. The walls, floors, and other furniture could be white or black & white, or even shades of brown & gray.

living room decor red couch
living room decor red couch
living room decor red couch

Cozy Theme

Red sofas combined with upholstered furniture, cushions, throw pillows, and rugs help provide a cozy and comfortable look to the entire living area. The windows can be treated with fabric paint, and stripes, floral prints, checks, and plaids could be used to enhance the coziness.

living room decor red couch

Traditional Theme

Red sofas can also be used to achieve a traditional look by using an oriental rug with red-colored accents. Make sure that the rug covers the entire seating so that it can give a homely feel to the entire setting.

living room decor red couch

Bohemian Theme

This theme helps achieve a laid-back and relaxing look. Combining a red sofa with colorful decor and furniture, using brick finishes in walls, or painting the walls in bold colors will help to give the space a bohemian look.

living room decor red couch
living room decor red couch
living room decor red couch


As we can see, designing a red couch looks tricky at first, but once a theme is chosen for the entire space, the process becomes much simpler. Red is the color of power, once a red sofa enters the living room, it will definitely make a statement. Red even though is a bold color, is not as overwhelming as orange. The color sets a bright tone to the room and makes the room feel energetic. Hence, if you want a bright, vibrant, and energetic feel to your room without doing too much work, a red couch is the option for you.


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