If you look a little deeper into the world, this world is full of magic and wonders with various versions and various shapes, architecture is one such shape of magic in the world.

Imagine you love to wake up in the morning and plan to go Beech and see the sunrise and you’re living on the 13th floor, unfortunately, the list isn’t working so you have to walk the entire 13 floors and you feel exhausted when you reach the first floor, practically you give up the plan of going to beach and see the sunrise, it is in the case of high rise building, on the other hand, you’re living in the same 13th floor and see the amazing view of all the lights in the city from the balcony, see in a low rise building it is not possible.

High rise building and low rise building

Majorly there are only two types of architecture that dominate all others: Low rise building and High rise building, a building that defines the advancement of urbanization and a simple way of living with lesser technology.

High-rise buildings, with taller and lighter a structure built with steel, and glass as the major material, majorly used for office buildings, hotels, and houses in the latest world, on the other side low rise building with shorter and thicker structures built with bricks majorly and woods along, build majorly for houses and government buildings.

As buildings define the way people live, high-rise buildings define the modern lifestyle whether low-rise define the ordinary lifestyle, we feel more secure and feel the touch of nature in the low-rise buildings with lesser no lifts at all and always having the connection with the ground making it a more flexible way of living and independent.

Low-rise buildings allow us to live with people like a community and also make us more engaged with the lifestyle of ordinary people and society unlike getting caged inside the 13th floor in our apartment building, it gives us more security and helps us be connected with the world.

High-rise buildings which are the modern definition of the high tech cities and also define the lavish way of lifestyle with tall buildings, high rise building or architecture gave us a new solution to living in a lesser place, it made something possible which isn’t before,  with better ventilation and lesser noise from the society, high rise buildings indeed give us peace from the world of machines and traffic lights, in a city with millions of population we can only find the calm in the bedroom which located about 13floor above from the ground, even though the cost is higher than the low rise buildings, the amount of privacy and peace we get in the high rise building is more and it satisfies the soul.

Again the world is full of magic and wonders, architecture is one such thing it defines the way we live, of all the magic behind the buildings you come across in the morning, do think of the hard work people have gone through to make the magic possible…


DHRUBAJYOTI ROY, the visionary behind Builtarchi.com, who holds a passion for transforming ideas into tangible and awe-inspiring structures. His multifaceted persona encompasses a love for cars & by profession an Architect.

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