High rise buildings | Definitions of High rise buildings

High rise buildings

High rise buildings

Imagine you’re standing in the balcony with a cup of coffee in your newly bought flat which is on the 44th floor facing the beautiful view of the blued ocean, isn’t it just amazing?…

All of the above is possible only if someone built a building with more than 44 towers and how is it possible, where it all begun? you’re right we are talking about the high rise buildings, architecture is itself an art but majorly painted with technology and giving new solutions to new problems.

The high rise building is an art and a solution for the highly-dense populated cities, in late 1800 the real urbanization begun like a boom and people needed more spaces to live in a very little space, a city can contain only limited space and also need to contain number of people, this was the problem faced by the architectures and engineers in the 18th century, how they found a solution ?.

High rise building or skyscraper was the solution to make it possible and it created a whole new impact in the field of architecture, by years humans face various problems and people like engineers, mathematicians, architects, scientist are finding newer solution day by day.

The massive rise in the high rise building started when the iconic
“ the home insurance building, Chicago”, built-in 1884-85, that day the world say the magic of architecture and then the world is seeing the same magic every single day, during the invention of high rise building method, they(architects) faced many problems, as the building becomes taller and lighter they began having issues with winds and earthquakes, they used steels more to make the building stronger and implemented elevators to transport materials.

Usage of steel reinforcing wire(rebar), cast iron, aluminum made it possible to build high rise buildings and glass played a major role in exteriors and proven to be successful and easily adaptable.

High rise buildings adopted the method of building vertically with the help of reinforced concrete, steel bars(rebar) and curtain walls(aluminum with glass) to withstand, instruments like elevator the introduction of cranes(early 500bc) also played a very important role in structuring the high rise buildings.

Today, we are having thousands of skyscrapers around the world, it majorly used for office building purposes but today the modern urbanization defined by the type of building the city(place) have, even though there are thousands of cities in the world still new York stands as the top of all, one of the reason is the number of skyscrapers it has (new york have number of skyscraper in the world).

The high rise building is not just the magic of architecture but also the magic of the entire world and urbanization, it recreated the way of people used to live and also gave solution to get more spaces in less spaces, today a city is defined by the buildings(architectures) it have, for your knowledge Burj Khalifa(828m), Dubai is the world’s tallest building it is also a proven magic of architecture and the identity of high rise building, Jeddah tower (in progress), Saudi Arabia is going to be at the height of Burj Khalifa.

High rise buildings

In the world of architecture, new innovations are going to be ordinary as creative problem solving is the basic qualification for being an architect, magic is going to happen every single and you’re going to witness it too in the shape of architecture…

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