Low rise building

Low Rise Building

The history of the building goes back to about 9000 BC to 5000 BC when the Neolithic building began, by the years the world had seen many forms of architecture, and the way of constructing buildings evolved largely, the low-rise structure is one such revolution of architecture.

Whatever is not the high rise building is called low rise building or simple building which are majorly used methods to build a house in our neighborhood.

A usual high-rise building is a building with more than seven stories, which is mainly used for office building purposes, a small height building which is smaller in height and thicker in size used mainly for schools, houses, and other purposes. Normally a low-rise structure has a larger floor range with wider square meters and lesser height which is lower than 7 stories, we had the method of low-rise structure from our ancient culture in forts and other buildings, which hold a strong foundation and also thicker walls.

Rise structure closer to the ground, Masonry brick blocks are used more in constructing height structure along with steel but not with glass, low rise structure doesn’t use glass in their architecture.

low rise building

Even if the design of the building is completely made of bricks and concretes, we feel more usual with low-rise buildings, both traditional and modern architecture play important roles in low-rise architecture, traditional architecture defines the building with the resources available around the place of the building, bamboos and woods used to build houses and buildings in the early days and then bricks and rocks transferred it, today steels and glasses are used majorly for its way of creativity and proven strength.

In modern architecture, the usage of steel and glass architecture redefined the way of building houses and other constructions, even in low-rise architecture glass is used with a limited range, mainly for the decoration and the outlook of the building.

Even today in rural places, even in more towns low-rise architecture is used vastly for constructing buildings, it has its own purposes of simplifying living and having more spaces for fewer people, the low-rise is also considered as the freedom of building.

Here once again the magic of architecture with a different version, the version of freedom, we feel more independent in low-rise buildings and also feel friendly as we live along with it every single day for more than decades.

Normal machines and equipment like bricks, steel, and wood used to build low-rise buildings at lesser cost, from church to temples and other religious architecture also come under rise structure as it is lower in height and more in size, the world is defined by the architecture, cities, and towns differentiated by the type of building it has, the low rise building also defines it is where the simple people live, with lesser technology and wider happiness, with more winds and more exposure to nature the low rise architecture gave a way to live with nature and made us feel fresh all the time…


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