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Majuli, Assam

God created so many beautiful things in the world, some are even beyond the human imagination and some places make us believe that there are still miracles left in this world, Majuli is one such miracle.

We heard that Assam is famous for many things from tea gardens and silks, chilis with rhinos and wild water buffalo and other such miracles, but did you know that Assam is also a place which has the biggest river island in the world??.

We are going to explore the magic of Majuli – the largest river island in the world, Majuli is formed by the river Brahmaputra in the south and Subansiri in the north, even the government of India announced it as a district, Majuli the name itself is a magic of itself, means a land in the midst of two river.

Majuli assam

Being the cultural capital of Assam, Majuli has a history of about 16th century and home of many tribal communities still living like  Deoris, Sonowal Kacharis, and Mishings, with wonders in each part of the island, it is a lust for every traveler and those who seek adventure, of all the famous things in Majuli you must explore the Tengapania(the heaven of architecture), with unique Ahom architecture structured buildings.

You may imagine Majuli like the Venice, every house(mostly) contain boats to travel during monsoons, now imagine you’re traveling in the single rowboat with yourself alone and the sailor alone in the mid of beautiful lands and people with much love, that’s Majuli and unfortunately the god’s gift is disappearing slowly by slowly through every floods it face.

Majuli assam

You should plan your next travel to the northeastern magic of Majuli and you should travel in the winter to feel the soothing peace and unsung poems which you never heard and if you want to feel the rich culture of Majuli, you should go in November, that’s when the famous Raas Leela festival is celebrated, a festival of music, dance and theatre.

In your heart you may start imagining clicking photos around one of the beautiful islands in the world, you can actually but by boats alone, as Majuli is an island the only way of transportation is through the boat from Jorhat which is 20km away from it.

Majuli mask is another famous thing which you can actually buy as a memory of the island, with machinery lifestyle around us from sunrise to sunset we actually need some time to spend with nature, Majuli is one such place of wonders, tradition and rich culture.

As Majuli being the Assamese Neo-Vaishnavite hub you should also visit the famous Satras during the festival season of Raas Leela and Ali-Aye-Ligang( festival of food and beverage), rather than an ordinary refreshment from the machined life, the trip to Majuli will be your lifelong memory and a place to learn various things from human connection to the Indian traditions.

“ one should feel the magic of nature, while the nature is alive and young”, Majuli is at the end of its a young age, it may not exist after 20 years due to natural calamity, visit when both you and Majuli is alive and be mesmerized by its magic show…

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