Georgian Architecture: facts and philosophy

Every architecture ever created follow an ideology that resembles its purpose to be served, some form of architecture served as religious purpose, some for political and some made out of pure art and nothing more but every architecture also stood as an identity of time and period, Georgian architecture is one such architecture which resembles the time and being the only true identity of art.

Georgian architectural style is a bit different when compared all the other architectures of the world, it is not composed or formed as a single architecture, what we and the architects of the world called Georgian is the time and the architectures which were built during the period of 17 to the mid 18th century.

Rome and Greece are the two major pillars in the formation of Georgian style, the architectural style used more in the European as usual and in American countries too, the simplest style of Georgian architecture made it to adapt too quickly and at the end of 18th century almost the entire western countries were adapted to the Georgian architectural style.

Architecture philosophy:

Britain and America acted as the two major places where the Georgian architectural style resembled more popularly than anywhere in the world, the tall and large windows which let the natural light inside and the high ceiling and wider open space in the inside are the two major characters of the Georgian style.

The architecture became famous for its symmetry, balance, and proportion, the geometry played a wide role in constructing the Georgian architecture which made it to look more classical and stylish at the same time, the pattern with rectangular in shape with larger usage of bricks made it simple looking and budget architecture too.

The core decoration of the Georgian style is the usage of bricks and stones at the right place with the right order, even the raw bricks acted as a design concept of the Georgian architecture, in America woods are also used in place of bricks which is merely for their environmental purpose, not just houses churches, public buildings and colonial houses are major construction of the Georgian architectural style.

Like the name resembles the Georgian is kind of royal, classical and yet simple in the form, entrance, roofs, and doors were given more importance than any other part of the architecture and it worked well with people of classical styles.

georgian architecture

Bricks, stones, and stucco were the core materials used in the construction of Georgian style but woods also used in some parts of the world, but Georgian architecture is complete more with bricks than woods or stones.

The name and style of the Georgian architecture changed accordingly to the time, in the early 19th century it is called as colonial revival architecture in America, by 20th century it is called as neo-Georgian architecture and then Georgian revival architecture in great Britain.

Works to look at:

Strawberry hill and marble hill in Twickenham, no 13 Lincoln’s inn fields in London, royal exchange in Dublin, circus bath are some of the fine buildings constructed in the Georgian architecture style.

georgian architecture
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