Art and Architecture?

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at the things in a different way.”Edward de Bono

What is Art?

The most intense and creative mode of expressing oneself is Art. It is beyond the boundary that society creates. Thus it has the power to shape the mindset of society and bring necessary changes to the same. History speaks about the contribution paintings had made to bring change in the society to make it a better place to live in.
Art is the abstract form of the reality that revolves around an artist. Sometimes when we look into an abstract painting of an artist we impose our interpretation of the painting which might differ from the one the artist is trying to convey. But the most interesting thing about abstract painting is none of the interpretations is considered untrue. Thus paintings bring out the thoughts and ideas hidden in you. Art also allows you to look at the tiny things that we hardly care to notice. It’s the tiny details in life that sometimes change the meaning of our existence. Thus never lose the chance of observing the tiny details and look for the hidden meaning in it.

Art and Architecture

What is Architecture?

Architecture involves creating art in which one can walkthrough. The process of transforming our ideas into a product or structure is what we call is Architecture. The form of the concept of a building designed by an architect goes through a lot of processes before meetings its real image. Architecture is thus that form of art in which architects travel from abstract to real. The abstract concepts of an architect create the blurry image of the space the architect wants to build. Architecture is also infused with engineering, climate, economy, technology, etc. Pieces cannot be added without considering the climate, surroundings, light, materials, availability of spaces and money. If these fundamentals are ignored then it will upset the idea the architect wants to convey. Therefore architecture is a more organized and responsible type of art form.

Art and Architecture
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