If we go through the history of Great Britain there are some architectural styles that made a great impact on the history of Britain and the world itself, like the Georgian architecture which came after kings of Britain George I, II  and II, the Victorian style came after the very famous Queen Victoria.

England had great taste and always held their royalty in anything that resembled Britain, Victorian architecture is royal in itself, the architecture is a cocktail of many forms and styles around the Western countries and influenced various architectural philosophies from Romanesque to Georgian.

From the period of mid 18th century to the 19th and above the Victorians did great artwork and also reshaped the buildings of England into something wonderful, the Victorian style refers to the architecture that was constructed during the 18th to 19th century, it had most of the Georgian architectural features like symmetry and box-shaped structure.

Victorian architecture is more of a restoration of its previous architectural styles and had a response to remodeling it, the usage of advanced technology and steel made the Victorian style stand against all other architectures at the time, it created stunning visuals and even today anybody will get awestruck while seeing the Victorian-style buildings.

Architecture Philosophy

The usage of iron in architecture was something new in the Victorian era and it made a clear impact on people but most of the Victorian architecture is either public, educational, or official buildings, Victorian style seems more royal than any other architecture at the time even Georgian seemed very simple while comparing to the mighty Victorian architecture.

The iron made Victorian stronger and wider with more elements of Georgian it created something new with fewer bricks and stunning visuals, the geometry played a very important role, though Victorian influenced various architectural styles it had its own characteristics like columns, bay windows, turrets, dormers and cornices which made it unique in style and design.

victorian architecture

Like Georgian, a Victorian architectural style emerged from England but as people started to move around the world the architecture too moved along with architects of England to the world like the United States, Australia, and Italy, for the mighty and stunning visuals of Victorian-style the world soon adapted to Victorian while constructing important buildings like educational and official buildings.

Some core purpose of the Victorian era was to reestablish the former architecture, most of the churches were reconstructed and restored during the Victorian era which created a great impact on Victorian architecture in churches and palaces.

Works to look at

victorian architecture

Victorian played a very important role in the history of architecture and most of the amazing works are made on the red carpet of England London itself if you ever go to London you get amazed by a lot of things around London and the Palace of Westminster “ the house of the lord” will surely amaze you, it is one of the most beautiful works done in the Victorian style, Augustus Pugin takes all the credit for being the architect and also an admirer of both gothic and Victorian architectural style.

Royal Albert Hall, the Victorian School of Art and Science, the Gilbert Scott Building (University of Glasgow), and Balmoral Castle are other wonderful works of Victorian architecture.


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