When do you see something that just blows your mind and keeps you amazed at what that thing is, have you ever faced a situation like that? If not then you’re going to now.

In the world of architecture, there are many types, forms, and styles which can be defined in a particular way, but what if some architectural style is undefined, contemporary architecture is the undefinable architecture philosophy from its most stylish and crazy designs and the way of constructing.

Simply it is the 21st century’s architecture style, from using high-tech construction materials to advanced design styles it is a blast in the world of architecture, architecture can be defined as the new style of architecture or architecture that reflects the futurism in it.

Contemporary architecture
Burj Khalifa, Dubai

 Unlike traditional architectural styles and designs, contemporary architecture has its own physical form and design, the usage of contemporary materials like tube design and computer-aided 3D design made it look more stylish and attractive.

More like a James Cameron movie it doesn’t follow traditional principles of architecture, it has its own rules and principle structures, the usage of reinforced concrete made it possible to build any structure and form, the core principle of contemporary architecture is to serve the purpose of the architecture within its economical boundary.

Architecture Philosophy

Though it is a new form of architecture, it influenced some designs from modern architecture like the lines and neatness in the design, the extensive use of curved lines made it look more stylish and advanced, the materials being used in contemporary architecture are apart from the core architectural materials like bricks, glass, and steels.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is constructed using titanium along with limestone and glass, natural light, and innovative design made to shine while compared with other architectural styles, the highly imaginative design is the core feature of contemporary architecture and it made it look the peak of the trend.

Contemporary architecture
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

With more similar to futuristic and modern architecture but with highlighted design concepts contemporary architecture globally used to attract and to create an impact in its design, the recycled materials being used made it quickly adaptable energy-saving, and efficient.

It all comes to space in contemporary architecture, how the architecture handles the space inside the building is what matters most, usually, this architecture has wider space inside the building to make it look quite peaceful and yet attractive at the same time.

The architectural form focuses more on the functionality of the architecture rather than style, bright and open interiors are also being used as the core features of contemporary architecture style.

Being the 21st-century architecture style it had its own space to occupy and its own design concepts to attract more people to it, though it is widely spread across the world United States and the Central European region hold more contemporary architecture than anywhere in the world.

Burj Khalifa, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, one world trade center, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao are some of the most astonishing works made of contemporary architectural style, The world always needs something better than today and a little more attractive than tomorrow, contemporary architecture is just does its work.

Contemporary architecture
World Trade Centre. New York City, United States

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