Meghalaya, a beautiful place in northeastern India, is famous for its stunning landscapes and waterfalls. But did you know it also has many incredible caves in Meghalaya beneath its surface? In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the best caves in Meghalaya, where you’ll find breathtaking sights and amazing adventures!

caves in meghalaya

Mawsmai Cave: a cave full of wonders

One of the most famous caves in Meghalaya is Mawsmai Cave, located near Cherrapunji. It’s like entering a magical world! Inside, you’ll see many beautiful rock formations called stalactites and stalagmites. They hang from the ceiling or rise from the ground, creating a stunning sight. Don’t worry about the dark, because there are lights to guide you. Mawsmai Cave is a must-visit for all ages!

Krem Mawmluh: a cave with an underground river

If you’re ready for more adventure, head to Krem Mawmluh near Cherrapunji. This cave is the fourth-longest in all of India. But what makes it truly special is the river that flows through it. Imagine walking through a cave while hearing the sound of water echoing around you! The walls of Krem Mawmluh are full of hidden wonders, like beautiful rock formations. Exploring this cave will make you feel like a real explorer!

Mawsynram Cave: a cave in the wettest place on earth

You’ll find a genuinely extraordinary cave in the village of Mawsynram, which holds the record for being the wettest place on Earth. Mawsynram Cave is a marvel of nature. Over many years, water has carved intricate patterns into the cave’s walls. When you step inside, you’ll be amazed by the hanging structures called stalactites. They look like icicles made of rock! Walking through Mawsynram Cave feels like entering a magical fairyland.

Siju Cave: a cave with a fascinating past

Travel to the Garo Hills, and you’ll come across the magnificent Siju Cave. This cave is famous for its historical importance. Scientists have discovered fossils inside that are millions of years old! One part of the cave, the “King’s Chamber,” is awe-inspiring. It’s a massive space with a natural opening that lets sunlight shine through. As you explore Siju Cave, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful play of light and shadows.

Krem Liat Prah: a cave full of bats

If you’re a brave adventurer, visit Krem Liat Prah in the Jaintia Hills. It’s the longest natural cave in India, stretching over 31 kilometers! This cave is home to thousands of bats; you can see them flying out at night to find food. You’ll find enormous chambers, narrow pathways, and stunning formations inside. Exploring Krem Liat Prah will be an exciting and unforgettable experience!


Meghalaya’s caves are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From the magical Mawsmai Cave to the fossil-filled Siju Cave, each has its own wonders. These caves will take you on an incredible journey through underground rivers, mesmerizing rock formations, and ancient history. So, if you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, grab a flashlight and explore the captivating caves in Meghalaya. You’ll be amazed by the beauty and mystery beneath the surface!


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