Art nouveau Architecture: characteristics and philosophy

art nouveau architecture
Written by Dhrubajyoti Roy

The world of architecture is full of magics and surprises with various forms, styles and designs but art nouveau is something outstanding from all of the architectural and even art form, how come someone think architecture in flower shape, that’s the beauty of art and architecture to make the impossible and the imaginary to be alive.

Though art nouveau is considered more of art rather than a complete architecture, it is used for decoration, interior and exterior design purposes, nobody would have thought that the unusual architecture style could dominate the ancient European architecture style in the late 18’s and early 19’s,art nouveau played a very important role in architecture by making it more enjoyable rather than just astonished by it.

Architecture philosophy:

This architecture style is more of an experimental architecture style to make the architecture like floral style (the design like flowers), the entire art nouveau is based on natural forms and bring it to the world of architecture, the increasing of new technology in the early 20th century made it possible to achieve the full potential of this architecture.

The elaborate style and curved lines are unusual for the world of architecture itself until art nouveau made it possible, rather than just being an exterior architecture art nouveau is a complete set of art from furniture to jewelry and interior designs, the new age and young people loved the art nouveau for its ornamental design form.

Art nouveau(new art) is more concentrated on style than philosophy, the core purpose is to make people special about the concept and just enjoy rather than studying the philosophical theories behind it, it made this form of architecture stand out from all other architecture styles and dominated every other architecture in its period.

art nouveau architecture

The colloidal of art and design and then to make it in a form become what we all this architecture today, it concentrated more in the ornaments, colors, and design, to apply art in everyday usage and in architecture too, the usage of glass and iron in a different geometry made it to look outstanding and likable.

Antoni Gaudi, Otta Wagner, Joseph Maria Olbrich and Paul hanker are few of the greatest art nouveau architects in history.

art nouveau architecture

Works to look at:

CastaBatllo, Barcelona:

It is more of an art rather than architecture with its amazing design concept and usage of iron mixed with glass in a very creative way you could imagine CastaBatllo is a heavenly treat for the eyes and it represents the true art nouveau architecture, the work of Antoni Gaudi is still a mystery for many of the architects.

Albert street, Riga:

It is another greatest place of art nouveau architecture for its royal look and the decorated sones made it to look more stylish and artistic rather than architectures, the ornamental architectures in albert street made it one of most recognizable place for art and architecture all over the world.

The secession building, Vienna:

It is one of creative and yet simple architecture I’ve ever seen, the usage of golden flower ornament colors with bright white made it look more of like jewelry rather than architecture, the exhibition hall is more of a boxed paradise with bricks colored white.

Every art is a form of philosophy, idea, and purpose but art nouveau is just art and design, to make people smile and to transfer joy into them.

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