Definition of Design

Design is something that gives life to the architecture, and architecture of anything from buildings to material objects, from clothes to shoes everything is designed by someone who is a little more creative than the one who is using it.

Like any other field design also has its own style and philosophy, it also has several principle steps to begin, and to conclude, there are two major part of the design in architecture which is exterior and interior design.

Interior Design

Interior design involves a lot of creativity and things to be done in a proper way according to the design type chosen, interior design have as much more than twenty-plus types but has core concepts like simplicity, modern, country, fancy, ethnic, and chaos we can sum up all of the interior architecture design concepts into this.

In architecture interior design has a major role to play, no matter what the architecture outside is we are going to live on the inside, so it does matter more that the interior design process is done according to the user preference.

Decorations, the color of paint, antiques, and objects chosen along with the style of furniture define the interior, the core purpose of the interior is to make sure it spreads peace, calm, royal, minimalism, and other such things.

definition of design

Exterior Design

Exterior design is also a major part of architecture as it defines the outcome, before the architectural revolution in the mid-19th century there was no such thing called interior design it is all defined by the one who owns the architecture but the exterior design has been always there from the beginning.

From placing trees in the right place to the texture of the lawn near the car parking everything defines the exterior of any building, a lot of processes are being done to make the exterior design perfect or adaptable for the house or building.

There is another such thing while designing like color psychology which defines the major impact of design, each color holds a unique property like boldness, positivity, calm and peace, negativity, and much more, the entire design process revolves around only two major things, choosing the right color and choosing the right object to be placed at the right place.

definition of design

Art, architecture, and design are a concept that revolves one around another, these three things not only define our lifestyle but revolves around our entire life from each and everything, Art is the core function of the two without it the other two will not function.

To conclude all three in a very simplified way art is the beginning (birth), architecture is the body and design gives it life, all three are evolved by the time being and transformed into something which is adaptable and acceptable.


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