sri mookambika temple

Welcome to the magical world of Sri Mookambika Temple! It is a special place where people feel happy and blessed. This temple is in a Kollur village, in a beautiful district called Udupi, in Karnataka, India. Let’s explore this amazing temple together!

The exciting legend

Long, long ago, there was a wise scholar named Adi Shankaracharya. He loved the goddess Mookambika very much. He meditated and asked for her blessings in this temple.

He even put a special idol of the goddess in the temple. People who follow Shankaracharya come to this temple to feel close to the goddess and receive her love and wisdom.

The marvelous design

The Sri Mookambika Temple looks like a real-life palace! It has special designs that make it look very beautiful. The temple has carvings and sculptures that show stories of gods and goddesses.

Inside the temple is a shiny idol of Goddess Mookambika made from a special metal. It sparkles and looks magical! Other small temples are inside the complex, dedicated to different gods and goddesses.

Special blessings and celebrations

Goddess Mookambika is very kind and powerful. It is a temple where people come to ask for her blessings and help. Students and scholars especially come here to get her special blessings for studying well.

One very exciting time at the temple is during the Navaratri festival. It lasts nine days and has many fun activities, like big parades, dances, and special prayers. The temple is often filled with people to celebrate and feel happy during this time.

Beautiful nature around the Temple

Lots of natural beauty surround the Sri Mookambika Temple. It is near the Western Ghats, with tall mountains and many green trees. There is also a calm and peaceful river called Souparnika nearby.

The temple’s surroundings are so pretty that they make people feel calm and happy. If you love animals and plants, you can also visit the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary nearby to see different kinds of birds and animals.

Helpful things for visitors

People who come to the Sri Mookambika Temple want to feel comfortable and happy. That’s why the temple has many things to help visitors.

There are special houses where people can stay and rest. If you feel hungry, food stalls and restaurants serve yummy vegetarian meals. The temple is always clean and tidy so everyone can enjoy their visit.


The Sri Mookambika Temple is like a magical place where people go to feel loved and blessed by Goddess Mookambika. Its beautiful design, special celebrations, and peaceful nature make it a special place.

Having a great time when you visit this temple, you will be happy and have a wonderful time.


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