The Sawariya Seth Temple is a special place in Rajasthan, India. People go there to pray and ask for help in their businesses. Today, we’ll go on a tour of this great temple. It is 41 kilometers away from Chittorgarh in Mandfiya, Rajasthan. The temple is for Lord Shri Krishna; many people visit to get blessings. It’s important for business people who want to do well in their work.

sawariya seth temple

Sawariya Seth Temple is all about Lord Krishna

People think that Lord Krishna was a form of Lord Vishnu. Many people from different places come to see this temple. It shows how playful Lord Krishna was. Let’s learn more about it.

Our journey starts in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a particular state with many kings. It is also important for Hinduism. There are many temples with their own stories. People visit places like the Khatushyam Temple and the Salasar Balaji Temple. The Sawariya Seth Temple is one of them. It has been around for about 450 years and is 41 kilometers from Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.

The Sawariya Seth Temple looks special

Just like other temples, it is made of pink stone. It has beautiful carvings on its walls and pillars. Inside, there is a statue of Lord Shri Krishna. But remember, you can’t take pictures inside.

Story and miracles of Sawaariya Seth

Allow me to take a moment to present you with a short story about Sawaariya Seth Temple. There was a lady named Meera Bai who loved Lord Krishna very much. She used to sing and dance to his songs with a special idol. There was also a saint named Dayaram who had a similar idol.

During a time when a king’s army was breaking temples, they heard about these idols. Dayaram Ji hid them under a tree in Bagund-Bhadisoda Chhapar.

In 1840, a person named Bholaram had a dream about the idols in Bagund-Bhadisoda Chhapar. When they found the idols under the tree, his dream came true. Everyone in the village heard about it. They built a temple with those idols, becoming the Sawaariya Seth Temple.

Where is Sawariya Seth Mandir located?

The Sawariya Seth Temple is in Mandfiya, which is 41 kilometers away from Chittorgarh in Rajasthan. If you live in nearby states like Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, or Uttar Pradesh, you can easily visit the Sawariya Seth Temple.

How to reach Sawariya Seth Mandir?

You can reach the Sawariya Seth Temple in different ways:

By Train

If you want to go by train, you must reach Chittorgarh Railway Station. You can take a taxi to the Sawariya Seth Temple, only 33 kilometers away.

By Road

If you’d prefer to take a bus or car, you can do that too. If you live in Delhi, you can catch a bus from Anand Vihar Terminal to Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.

By Air

If you live far away, you should travel by airplane. Therefore, you must travel to Maharana Pratap Airport in your city, 32 kilometers away from the Sawariya Seth Temple.

Please remember that the distances mentioned may change depending on where you start your journey.


The Sawariya Seth Temple in Rajasthan is a wonderful place to visit. It is located in Mandfiya, 41 kilometers away from Chittorgarh. Shri Krishna is this temple’s deity, attracting many people who seek blessings for their businesses.

The temple has a special story about idols hidden under a tree, which led to its creation. The temple is made of pink stone with beautiful carvings. Remember, photography is not allowed inside. You can reach your destination in various ways, depending on where you live, by train, road, or air. Just remember to plan your journey accordingly.


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