maa tarini temple

The Maa Tarini Temple is a beautiful and special place located in Odisha. People from all over visit this temple because it is a very important and spiritual place. In the temple, people pray to Maa Tarini, a powerful and loving goddess.

The exciting story

Long ago, two sisters named Maa Tara and Maa Tarini appeared from a special fire. They were very powerful and were worshipped by the gods. Maa Tarini is now worshipped as the divine mother in the Maa Tarini Temple.

The beautiful Temple

The Maa Tarini Temple is a marvelous sight to see! It has many pretty buildings and carvings. The main temple is very tall and has lots of detailed sculptures.

Inside the temple is a special room called the sanctum sanctorum, where the idol of Maa Tarini is kept. She looks very divine and beautiful. There is also a pond called the ‘Manikarnika Kund’ where people do special rituals.

Why is the Temple important?

The Maa Tarini Temple is very important to people who believe in Shaktism. Shaktism is a special part of Hinduism that focuses on the power of the divine feminine.

People visit the temple to ask for Maa Tarini’s blessings for good health, happiness, and success. Many visitors come to the temple during the festival of Navratri to celebrate and show their love for Maa Tarini.

Praying and special customs

When people come to the Maa Tarini Temple, they bring flowers, fruits, and other things to offer to Maa Tarini. They also light incense sticks and chant special prayers to show their love and respect. It is believed that if people pray with a sincere heart, Maa Tarini will bless them.

A journey of faith

Some people go on a special journey called a pilgrimage to reach the Maa Tarini Temple. They walk a long way to show their love and dedication.

This journey is seen as a way to connect with the divine and to feel purified. The temple’s peaceful surroundings help people feel close to Maa Tarini and think about important things.

Helping others

The Maa Tarini Temple not only helps people spiritually but also helps the community. The temple does many good things, like giving free food to those in need, organizing medical camps, and running educational programs. These activities show love, care, and compassion, as Maa Tarini does.


The Maa Tarini Temple is a very special place where people come to worship Maa Tarini. It is a beautiful temple with lots of history and stories. People pray, offer things, and go on holy journeys to feel close to Maa Tarini.

The temple also helps the community and teaches important values like love and compassion. Visiting the Maa Tarini Temple is a wonderful experience for people of all ages.


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