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Lincoln memorial facts

When you go the national capital of united states you can witness many things like the busy living culture of Washington D.C and the energetic officials of united states to luxury cars and all but when you go to Washington D.C you can witness one of the most magnificent architecture build for one of the magnificent humans ever lived in the earth.

The architecture of Lincoln memorial may look simple in both color and the design but when you look closer and deeper it is magic inside on each level you understand its uniqueness when henry bacon asked to design an architecture for the man who saved democracy he has no option but to build an architecture like a temple, the Lincoln memorial resembles the Greek temple of Parthenon which we can say that the entire building constructed with the neoclassical Greek architecture and beaux architectural decorations,

Architecture philosophy:

Lincoln memorial build with the time span of eight years from 1914-1922, The simple white building with magnificent architecture within constructed more like a temple rather than a memorial building, as we saw earlier henry bacon-inspired from ancient Greek architecture and used it to build the Lincoln Memorial, the building have a lot of details to look at in its designing like the thirty-six exterior columns resembles the thirty-six re-united states and the interior chamber even contain the speeches of Abraham Lincoln.

lincoln memorial facts

The Greek architecture helped to make the Lincoln memorial to look simple and yet great for its decorations which we can surely say that inspired by the beaux architecture style.

When we look at the architecture closely it has different patterns in it like the materials used, the terrace walls made of granite from Massachusetts, the upper steps and outside column made of marble from Colorado, interior walls made of Indiana limestones and floor which is pink in color made of Tennessee marble, the ceiling tiles made of Alabama marble.

We can imagine why architect henry bacon used materials from various places of the country but he Is a genius inside and used each and every material to tell a story, the story which is surrounding through the entire united states for centuries, to resemble the reunification of the country the architect used different materials and made it together to form a beautiful architecture.

Even the statue of Abraham Lincoln made of 28 different pieces of Georgia marbles to define the reunion of the united states after the war.

lincoln memorial facts

About the architect:

No art is complete without the artist, henry bacon an American beaux architect and Greek architect, he is best known for his Greek-style architectures and Lincoln memorial is his final architecture, from Boston public library to Danforth memorial library his work indicates his root desire to the Greek architecture style.  Architecture is an art of many forms and many categories but it performs only one soul purpose from the beginning to define magic and to keep the identity alive even after centuries, Lincoln memorial is one form of architecture which resembles the survival of memory though the architecture

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