The world has seen many forms of revolutions from words to theatrical arts everything has been used as a weapon for revolution, architecture is also at the top of the list, and baroque architecture is one of several architecture as a weapon for the catholic revolution in the 16th century.

Baroque the un-usual name holds giant creativity inside, the term baroque refers to irregular which is one of the major characteristics of the Baroque architectural style, in the early 16th century the catholic churches needed a vast distraction of people and wanted to create a revolution in the catholic churches, by mixing renaissance architecture style and adding grand value to it by increasing the dome shape larger and wider, by adding more lights to the building which represent a form of hope of brightness.

The Europeans played with all objects of architecture with their un-usual method to attract people and it worked well, by the mid of 17th-century baroque architecture crossed the seas and reached America, entire European architects were amazed by the design and philosophy of baroque architecture, that’s the impact it created.

Baroque Architecture
Castle Baroque

Architectural Philosophy

Every architecture ever established have their own architectural philosophy like usage of the type of material, texture, and materials used as a pattern flow, the purpose it is about to serve and all, the Baroque style had a core philosophy of attracting more people to the catholic church rather than any other churches so they created their own architecture philosophy which is unusual to the world of architecture.

The core elements used are a giant dome shape with grandeur features, grand steps with a wider and larger structure, unfinished artworks and antiques, and bright and elegant lights, all these objects worked like magic and suddenly people all over the world, especially the Europeans adapted to it.

At times major buildings like palaces and official buildings were adapted to the baroque architectural style and even when it reached colonial America, the rich architecture concept attracted more people in Western countries than any other architectural style.

Later rococo architecture had some of the characteristics like grandeur structure, rich and elegant style with highly decorated ornament, which made it look more royal, and people were astonished and then adapted to it.

Baroque Architecture
Window Baroque

Works to remember

Though the Baroque style of architecture has been accepted by the entire world some works are considered the best:

As it evolved with the idea of making catholic churches more popular, most of the baroque architectural works are churches like Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is one of the most popular baroque styles, San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane in Rome is also considered as one of popular baroque architecture style.

Les Invalides in Paris, the Palace of Versailles, and Karlskirche in Vienna are some of the masterpiece works of baroque architecture style over the world.

Every architecture resembles a concept and an idea, the purpose of every architectural style is to make sure it serves the purpose it is created for, here baroque is one of the finest architectural philosophies and also a model for many revolutionary architectural styles throughout the world.

Stairs Baroque

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