Indo Islamic architecture and Indo Saracenic architecture

Indo Islamic architecture:

With the Mughal invasion in India the Islamic architecture too invaded India, as the people and Mughal empires grow large the Islamic architecture too spread along with it, from Taj mahal to Qutb Minar India have more Islamic architecture to be amused at.

The usage of arches, domes and vaults are core characteristic of Islamic architecture and it influenced in the Indo Islamic architecture too, bricks, limestones and tiles or mosaic are used as the major materials in Indo Islamic architecture.

Taj Mahal is one of beautiful Indian architecture in India for its astonishing white marble color and peaceful structure, with more than twenty thousand workers and imported decoration from turkey, Persia and ottoman it is a hell of art, it is also considered as the most beautiful architecture of the nation and most popular for its romantic story, though it is influenced from Persian, Turkish architecture it is whole of an Indo Islamic architecture, the entire construction used red sandstone and white marble as its core material.

indo islamic architecture
Taj Mahal, India

Jama Masjid, Charminar are other fine works of Indo Islamic architecture and stand as proof to enjoy the ancient Indian architecture.

Indo Saracenic architecture:

We all have heard of the British invasion in India, British made a lot of changes in India, it includes architecture too, British created a lot of architectures more of official buildings, if we look deeper into the British made architectures in India it followed a pattern, it is called as Indo Saracenic architecture which is a revival architecture influenced by the gothic architecture style.

The usage of more than one domes and larger halls with a high structure of architecture made it to look different from other Indian architecture at the time, British had a royal taste and it is reflected in their architecture.

indo islamic architecture
Humayun’s Tomb, India

The influence of the Arabic architectural style is seen largely in the Indo Saracenic architecture, the British used even European, Victorian styles mixed with the Indo Saracenic architecture style, madras high court, Victoria memorial in Kolkata, and Sivaji terminus in Mumbai are some of Indo Saracenic architecture buildings.

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