spanish ancient architecture

Spanish Ancient Architecture

If you ever get stuck to decoding the proverb “ Rome can’t be built in a day”, then say thanks to the Spanish as being one major part of the roman empire, Rome is famous for their art and the architecture which they presented to the world, the wider architecture made it to form the proverb later.

We all have heard the history of Rome and it is one of the ancient civilization along with the Indians and Africans, but where Rome stands out is for its artwork, but unfortunately, most of the Spanish ancient architecture are not standing today but only in photographs and in theories to read and to get amused.

Celtic was one of the earliest architecture we can find in Spain, the Castros in Galicia stand as proof of their ancient architectural styles.

Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque is one of the oldest architectural styles not only for Spanish architecture but for the entire world out there, it is believed that Romanesque architecture began in the 6th century and the thing it still stands today, though it is a religious architecture even today some classic architectures influence its style to build churches somewhere in the countrysides.

Semicircular arches were commonly used for windows and doors, and groin vaults were placed to stand along with the roof and also to add a bit of classic style to the buildings, thick walls and lack of sculptures were the core characteristics of Romanesque architecture, the 10th-century architecture is one of those fancy kind we can find in a game of thrones.

Basilica de San Isidoro in Leon is one fine example of Romanesque architecture in the Spain region, the thousand-year-old building is more of a museum to adore Romanesque architecture today, classical Roman architecture is being influenced by architecture and architects even today.

spanish ancient architecture

Spanish Gothic Architecture

Gothic Spanish architecture spread to various parts of the world like wildfire in summer, it created a great impact in the book of Spanish architecture too, from using the rib vaults to pointed arches and flying buttresses gothic architecture stands out from all of its fellow architecture styles, the arrival of Gothic architecture replaced most of the Romanesque buildings by replacing the semi-circular arches to pointed arches. Glass also used as a major element in Gothic architecture which made the structures look stylish and created a uniformity.

Burgos Cathedral is a fine Gothic building, the tall tower made it look a bit odd but beautiful, it represents point arches (one of the core elements of Gothic architecture) and lighter walls with cross-ribbed vaults it is a glory that never fades even by time.


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